Circle K Corporate Office, Phone Number & Email Address

The largest convenience store chain is Circle K Stores. Circle K operates its stores in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Hong Kong. Also, it has franchises in Cambodia, Mexico, Egypt, China, Honduras, Jamaica, Guam, New Zealand, and many more countries. Alimentation Couche-Tard owns Circle K.

However, Circle K’s corporate office location is 1130 W Warner Rd. Tempe, AZ, 85284 – 2816, USA. Brian Hannasch has assumed the role of the company’s CEO.

The company’s customer care team is always ready to provide the necessary service. To get the service, call (602) 728 – 5348 or (602) 728 – 8000. Or, for your required information, you can email

Let’s start by discussing the Circle K headquarters information in first place. And step by step, we will discuss all the contact details in this comprehensive guide.

Overall Information of Circle K Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 1130 W Warner Rd. Tempe, AZ, 85284 – 2816, USA
Founding Year1951
Founding Place EL Paso, Texas
Founders Name Fred Hervey 
Contact Number (602) 728 – 5348 or (602) 728 – 8000
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Circle K CEO Brian Hannasch Email Details

Brian Hannasch is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Circle K. He is the Alimentation Couche-Tard’s CEO which operates the Couche-Tard, Circle K, and Indigo brands. Mr. Brian is leading the major fuel and convenience retailers in the world.

For 20 years, Brian has been serving the Alimentation Couche-Tard family. During the unprecedented growth time, Brian Hannasch has led the company. However, communicating directly with Circle K’s CEO is tough. His email and phone number are publicly unavailable.

So, if you have a real emergency to contact the CEO, you can request Circle K’s customer support team at (602) 728 – 5348 or (602) 728 – 8000. And you can follow him on his LinkedIn profile to learn about his activities.

Circle K Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Brian Hannasch Chief Executive Officer & PresidentLinkedIn
Jan SolhoyDirector, EV TechnologyLinkedIn
Will Rice Vice President, OperationsLinkedIn
Kathy CunningtonSVP, Global Shared ServicesLinkedIn
Stephen LattigVice President, OperationsN/A
Matt Dolan Vice PresidentLinkedIn
Morten JensenVP, OperationsLinkedIn
Mark JaworskiDirector, Operations – Circle K Restaurant Division N/A
Mark NovakVice President, Human ResourcesLinkedIn
Rick JohnsonSVP, Operations at Circle KLinkedIn

Circle K Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Department Contact Details

  • HR. Contact: If you have questions or comments about the Circle K stores, call +1 602 728 8000 to contact its H.R. team.
  • Media Contact: To get your media-related question answered, use the appropriate regional area-based contact information we have added in the next section.
  • Financial Department Contact: Circle K has no specific contact number for finance or investment-related inquiries. So, you have to call the regional area-based telephone numbers to get particular information.

Circle K Corporate Office Branches In The USA

Circle K Store operates across different states of the USA. The company conducts its activities in different divisions. Now check out the regional office’s address and phone number of Circle K below:

  • Florida Division: (Address: 3802 Corporex Park DR., Ste 200, Tampa, Florida 33619) (Telephone: (813) 910 – 6800)
  • Grand Canyon Division: (Address: P.O. Box 52085, Phoenix, AZ 85072) (Telephone: 1 – 833 – 685 – 7318)
  • Great Lakes Division: (Address: 935 E Tallmadge Avenue, Akron, OH 44310) (Telephone: (330) 630 – 6300)
  • Coastal Carolinas Division: (Address: 1100 Situs Court, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27606) (Telephone: (919) 774 – 6700)
  • Heartland Division: (Address: 550 Warrenville Rd, Suite 400, Lisle, IL 60532) (Telephone: (331) 251 – 7300)
  • Northern Tier Division: (Address: 4567 American Boulevard, West Bloomington, MN 55437) (Telephone: 800 – 745 – 7411 Or 952 – 830 – 8700)
  • Gulf Coast Division: (Address: 25 West Cedar Street, Suite 100, Pensacola, FL 32502) (Telephone: (850) 454 – 1070)
  • Midwest Division: (Address: P.O. Box 347 Columbus, IN 47202) (Telephone: (812) 379 – 9227)
  • Circle K South Atlantic Division: (Address: 9485 Regency Square Blvd, Suite 400, Jacksonville, FL 32225) (Telephone: (912) 285 – 4011)
  • Texas Division: (Address: 19500 Bulverde Rd., Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78259) (Telephone: 1 – 800 – 324 – 8464)
  • Rocky Mountains Division: (Address: 5500 S Quebec ST., Suite 100, Greenwood Village, CO 80111) (Telephone: 720 – 758 – 6200)
  • Southeast Division: (Address: 2550 W. Tyvola Road, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC 28217) (Telephone: (704) 583 – 5700)
  • West Coast Division: (Address: 255 E. Rincon Suite, #119 Corona, CA 92879) (Telephone: (951) 273 – 1175)


Who is the CEO of Circle K?

Circle K’s Chief Executive Officer and President is Brian Hannasch.

Where is the main office for Circle K?

Circle K is headquartered in Tempe, AZ, but its main office is in Laval, Canada.

What company owns Circle K?

The parent organizations or owners of Circle K are Alimentation Couche – Tard and Convenience Retailer Asia.

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  1. I think the complany needs to know they have hired 2 conviced felons. Jacksonville Beach, FL Circle K. Donna Manton, recently convicted of 3 felony counts of animal cruelty causing death (she killed 3 puppies), also many drug charges. Also, William Manton multiple drug charges, domestic violence charges, and neither have drivers licenses yet drive as well. I would think your company would not hire someone so agregious as killing puppies! That was a conviction proven in felony court Duval County! As well as lying on their application and being at a risk of being arrested anyways for driving – Oh – also you should kn ow that while Donna works, she has also claimed Social Security disability stating she cant work and cant lift more than 5 lbs – so FRAUD!!!

    • Sounds like Circle K has a history of hiring Dog killers! There was just an incident in Scottsdale Arizona on July 21, 2023 where their employee Heather Auditor and her BF tortured/killed a 10 week old puppy. She’s out on bail and guess what, she is back working at the store as we speak, guess Circle K does not have very high standards, or a moral compass. CEO BRIAN HANNASCH must be very proud of his workers.!

    • I am confused about a employees safety and housing she works for circle K here in Colorado on ARAPAHOE road her name is Jessica she is the most respectful,happy always willing to help employee I know her personally outside of circle K her and her family have been struggling with rent,food bills everything what can you guys to do help your employee

  2. I am a 76 year old woman, born and raised in Tucson, Az.
    I have a suggestion to make to the Circle K corporation and that is I would like to see one or two gas pumps set-up with attendant to pump gas for senior’s and HandI cap patrons with proof of eligibility, as I am of the generation where gas stations offered that service. Just an idea for senior’s like me. I have always enjoyed going to Circle K, wish I could remember when they first opened here in Tucson

  3. I’ve spent a small fortune at the 900 Eubank NE store at the corner of Eubank and Lomas in Albuquerque. The last few months I’ve been treated like a second class citizen by a woman employee who refuses to process my lottery slips. The manager was informed but no t hing has changed. I contacted thr NM lottery commision and let them know of this situation. I’ve been told Circle k has a contract withe lottery and cannot refuse service.

  4. I am confused about a employees safety and housing she works for circle K here in Colorado on ARAPAHOE road her name is Jessica she is the most respectful,happy always willing to help employee I know her personally outside of circle K her and her family have been struggling with rent,food bills everything what can you guys to do help your employee

  5. I am in Phoenix Arizona, and I live near the Indian School Road, I love Circle K stores, but this morning, I did not like what I saw with one in particular young lady. I went to go to the Restroom, and noticed that there was a large puddle of water on the floor, adjacent to the Snacks and the Coffee machine. The reason I was upset was I am 74 years old, retired, and I used to work for an Insurance Company, Workmans Comp and General Liability, The mother company here is Chubb Group, I worked for Chubb Services in Los Angeles, not as an Agent, but PBX operator. I asked the young lady if anyone knew that there was puddle of water on the floor, and she answered back to me, “Oh someone will clean it up. ” Well my thoughts were, if an employee is just standing there, no customers at the counter, why doesn’t she either get the manager or clean it up herself. If a person slips and falls because there is no cones there to warn someone that the floor is wet, and they slip and fall then you will have a lawsuit on your hands. That particular store, I loved going there, people made you feel welcome, and the supplies were not left in the boxes, and seeing a young man who was sent there this morning, emptying all the trash that was never emptied, made me feel like why do I come to this particular Circle K’s. I tried to avoid it. I know this might not be a concernable matter, but, like I said, the wet floor should have been with cones warning guests to be careful, even if no one cleaned the water up, at least it would be that warning. Thank you, Dianne Sabido


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