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J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. is a USA-based transportation and logistics company. Its multimodal services and transportation expertise make shipping freight easy. Across North America, this company aims to create the most efficient transportation network.

J.B. Hunt’s corporate office is located at 615 J.B. Hunt Corporate Drive, Lowell, AR 72745. Its Chief Executive Officer is the visionary leader John N. Roberts, III. If you have a J.B. Hunt transportation or services-related questions or query, call 1 – 800 – 4 – JBHUNT (1 – 800 – 452 – 4868).

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Overall Information of J.B. Hunt Corporate Office

Category Information 
Headquarters 615 J.B. Hunt Corporate Drive, Lowell, AR 72745 
Mailing Address J.B. Hunt Customer Relations, P.O. Box 130, Lowell, AR 72742 
Founding Year1961 
Founding Place Arkansas 
Founders Name Johnnie Bryan Hunt & Johnelle Hunt 
Contact Number 1 – 800 – 4 – JBHUNT (1 – 800 – 452 – 4868) 
Website https://www.jbhunt.com/ 
Facebook J. B. Hunt Facebook
YouTubeJ.B. Hunt YouTube
Instagram J.B. Hunt Instagram
LinkedIn J.B. Hunt LinkedIn

J.B. Hunt Corporate Office More Phone Support

  • Schedule a Home Delivery: 1 – 855 – 246 – 6723
  • Home Delivery Solutions for Business: 1 – 877 – 288 – 8341
  • Become a customer: 1 – 877 – 256 – 2882
  • Dedicated Sales Support: 1 – 800 – 723 – 3101
  • Shipper 360 ˚ Tech Support: 1 – 866 – 516 – 7305 & 1 – 877 – 256 – 2882 (Account Info)
  • Become a Carrier: 1 – 800 – 423 – 6892
  • Payables Support: 1 – 877 – 977 – 7427
  • Carrier 360 Contact Team: 1 – 833 – 211 – 4392
  • Discover Dedicated Opportunities: 1 – 855 – 567 – 9437

J.B. Hunt Corporate Office CEO Email Address

Mr. John N. Roberts, III, is J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer. From 1997 to December 31, 2010, he served as the President and Executive Vice President of Dedicated Contract Services.

In 1989, Mr Roberts joined J.B. Hunt and started his career as the company’s management trainee. Subsequently, he worked as the Regional Marketing Manager and EDI Services Coordinator for the Intermodal and Truckload Business unit. He also served as the company’s Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Business Development Executive for DCS.

John_roberts@jbhunt.com is the J.B. Hunt CEO’s professional email address. Emailing him is one of the best ways to reach out to him. Also, you can stay connected with Mr. Roberts by following his LinkedIn profile.

J.B. Hunt Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

John N. Roberts III Chief Executive OfficerLinkedIn 
Craig Harper Chief Sustainability OfficerLinkedIn
Nick Hobbs Chief Operating Officer LinkedIn
Darren Field President, Intermodal – Executive Vice PresidentLinkedIn
John Kuhlow Chief Financial Officer LinkedIn
Eric McGee Executive Vice President, Highway Services LinkedIn
David Keefauver EVP, Dedicated Contract Services LinkedIn
Spencer Frazier EVP, Sales & MarketingLinkedIn
Kevin Bracy Senior Vice President, Finance – Treasurer N/A
Stuart Scott Chief Information Officer LinkedIn

J.B. Hunt Corporate Office HR, & Investor Relations Contact Details

HR Contact

If you want to contact the J.B Hunt corporate office for career-related information, call 1 – 800 – 4 – JB HUNT. Or leave your query on the Contact Us page’s message section. Soon, you will get an answer to your questions or comments.

Investor Relations Contact

Email the J.B. Hunt corporate office’s investment relations team at investors@jbhunt.com. Write investment or stock-related questions, concerns, or thoughts to this email address. And the company’s IR team will soon reply to you.

J.B. Hunt Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

The company’s customer care representative always wants to hear from you. If you wish to make a complaint or share your feedback about the company’s services, call 1 – 800 – 4 – JBHUNT (1 – 800 – 452 – 4868).

J.B. Hunt Corporate Office Board of Directors

The global and local experienced leaders working as the J.B. Hunt members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Douglas G. Duncan
  • Kirk Thompson
  • Sharilyn S. Gasaway
  • Gale V. King
  • Francesca Maher Edwardson

J.B. Hunt Corporate Office Locations

J.B. Hunt is headquartered in Lowell, AR. But throughout the USA, it has many retail locations and 16 offices. Below, check out the company’s location details:

  • California: (Address: 5650 Southern Avenue, South Gate, CA 90280, USA)
  • New Jersey: (Address: 19 Edgeboro Rd, East Brunswick Twp, NJ)
  • Georgia: (Address: 705 Ruskin Dr, Forest Park, GA 30297, United States)
  • Pennsylvania: (Address: 2367 Sycamore St, Harrisburg, PA 17111, United States)
  • Illinois: (Address: 3650 W 47th St, Chicago, IL 60632, United States)
  • Florida: (Address: 18191 NW 68th Ave, #225, Hialeah, FL 33015, USA)
  • North Carolina: (Address: 2400 Alwin Ct #1402, Raleigh, NC 27604, USA)


Who is the CEO of J.B. Hunt?

John N. Roberts III is the Chief Executive Officer of J.B. Hunt. This experienced leader has served the company for many years. He is successfully leading the company’s team and its strategic division.

What are the five business units of J.B. Hunt?

J.B. Hunt operates through 5 business units. These are Intermodal (JBI), Integrated Capacity Solutions (ICS), Dedicated Contract Services (DCS), Truckload (JBT), and Final Mile Services (FMS).

Where is J.B. Hunt headquarters located?

J.B. Hunt is headquartered at 615 J.B. Hunt Corporate Drive, Lowell, AR 72745. Its corporate office’s mailing address is J.B. Hunt Customer Relations, P.O. Box 130, Lowell, AR 72742.

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