The Best Ways To Get Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Service

To compete in today’s intensely competitive retail economy, firms must provide great customer service. Dick’s Sporting Goods, the foremost sporting goods retailer in the United States, has made customer happiness a key concern.

Their email support system, which provides clients and customers with a quick and easy means of contacting the organization, is a notable component of their customer care.

In this article, we will examine Dick’s Sporting Good’s customer care email in greater detail, including how it functions, what consumers may expect when using it, and how it contributes to the entire customer experience.

How Many Ways To Get Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Service?

There are many ways to get Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Service. You can get customer service from its website. The website offers customer service with the Help Desk and Online Chat. Then we have our customer service helpline 1-877-846-9997, which you can call for any information.

Lastly, we also have a customer service email that is always available. We are also available on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can reach us through those platforms.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Service Email

The customer service email for Dick’s Sporting Goods is always there if you have any queries.

The email is

The email service mainly deals with general queries and is always there for you. You can use the email if you have any concerns or questions that do not need urgent responses. So, send an email if you have something that needs addressing and our customer service will get back to you as early as possible.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Service Online Chat

Dick’s Sporting Good website offers live online chat. We will give response to your most urgent queries in a heartbeat. We ensure customer service that is friendly and helpful for your every need.

The website is Head right there if you have any problems or complaints that need to be dealt with immediately. The live chat will provide you with all the necessary information about products and replacements. If you have complaints, our support team will redirect you accordingly.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Corporate Office Mail

The corporate office mail is also there for any kind of official queries. If you have complaints about branches or have suggestions that can help, mail here

Dick’s Sporting Goods Customer Service Hours

The customer service hours are 24/7 and the live chat on the website is always open for you. The emails are also there, but you might not get replies from the corporate office mail on the weekends. However, the support mail follows the 24/7 and 365 days policy.

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  1. I think your company is shit. I’m so disappointed in the service. I had my order below cancelled because you folks thought it was fraudulent. I did get the email notification below, but did not check it because you send 10000 emails a day. I use this email address as a coupon:receipt use only.

    I called 1 month after noticing I never received the items to check on why the order was cancelled. I was told by an awesome young man that this was not my fault and he is going to try and get the $100 cash coupon to work again because it was after the valid date. He then transferred me to another woman who said there was nothing they can do. Even though…DICKS was the one that canceled my order. I purchased a TaylorMade driver from DICKS because of the $100 cash coupon that was offered. ($600 driver) went to place a $400 order to use towards my $100 coupon.

    I will NEVER use DICKS ever again. I was on the phone for 44 mins to be told, “sorry you should’ve checked your email.”

    The lady I spoke with was horrible. I can tell she is a miserable person and I will pray for her. You all should be ashamed.

    All 4 of my sons purchase there clubs through you and will never do so again.


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