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Dillard’s Inc. is a USA-based upscale department store chain. It operates its activities in 29 states with approximately 282 stores. Its largest number of stores are situated in Texas and Florida. The Dillard family retains the company’s control through its Class B Common stock ownership.

Dillard’s corporate office location is at 1600 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR 72201, USA. William T. Dillard II is continuing the legacy as the company’s current Chief Executive Officer.

Whether you want to share your concerns or have questions or complaints, Dillard’s customer care team is always ready to hear from you. Thus reach our customer service team via phone at 501 – 376 – 5965 or email. ASAP you will get a reply to your question.

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Overall Information Of Dillard’s Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 1600 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR 72201, USA
Founding Year1938 
Founding Place Nashville, Arkansas 
Founders Name William T. Dillard 
Contact Number 501 – 376 – 5965
Website https://www.dillards.com/ 
Facebook Dillard’s Facebook
Twitter Dillard’s Twitter
YouTubeDillard’s YouTube
Instagram Dillard’s Instagram
Pinterest Dillard’s Pinterest
TiktokDillard’s Tiktok

Dillard’s CEO Email Address

William T. Dillard II is the Dillard’s Inc.’s, Chief Executive Officer. He is leading this department store chain-based company in Little Rock, Arkansas. He strives to preserve Dillard’s strategy to offer exceptional customer service with fashionable products.

In 1998 William T. Dillard II assumed the company’s CEO’s role. He has implemented very effective and computerized inventory management systems in the retail industry. In 2016, Dillard II was inducted into the Hall of Frame of Arkansas Business.

However, to contact Dillard’s CEO, use his professional email address, william.dillard@dillards.comWrite your concerns, query, or questions to this address. After sending an email, wait to get the reply. Also, you can send your written concerns to Dillard’s CEO’s postal address.

Dillard’s Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Industry leaders successfully lead Dillard’s company with their expertise and experience. Check out the executive team member’s name below;

Dillard’s Corporate Office HR, Media & IR Contact Details

Check out the Dillard’s corporate office’s HR, media, and IR team’s contact details below:

HR Contact

To contact Dillard’s corporate office’s HR team, submit this Contact Us Form. Provide all the necessary information and specified about your inquiry type. Dillard’s representative will soon help you with the necessary information on time.

Media Contact

To contact Dillard’s media relation team, call 501 – 376 – 5965. Or to cover the news directly, communicate the headquarters’ postal address.

Credit Card Contact

If you haven’t received your credit card from Dillard’s or have faced any issues, call the company’s customer service at 1 – 800 – 643 – 8278.

Investor Relations Contact

Julie Johnson Guymon is the Director of Investor Relations in Dillard’s corporate office. If you have any investment-related queries, contact the director through her professional email address julie.guymon@dillards.com.

Also, through this form, you can submit questions to the company’s Investor Relations Department.

Dillard’s Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

You can email your complaint to Dillard’s corporate office by completing this form. Select Inquiry Type and Subject from the form’s dropdown menu to begin your message. Then write your complaint in the message box. Soon they will reply to you.

Also, you can directly call Dillard’s corporate office’s hotline at 501 – 376 – 5965. The customer care representative will note your complaint. And ASAP, the team will take steps to solve it.

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Where is Dillard’s corporate office situated?

Dillard’s headquarters is in Arkansas. Its corporate office location is 1600 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR 72201, USA. It operates 29 stores in the USA.

How can I contact Dillard’s corporate office?

Dillard’s corporate office’s customer care team’s hotline number is 501 – 376 – 5965. Call this number or fill out this form to reach the company’s headquarters through email.

How do I contact Dillard’s CEO?

William T. Dillard II is Dillard’s Chief Executive Officer. To communicate with him, email his professional email address william.dillard@dillards.com.

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