What Is McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski’s Email Address?

McDonald’s Corporation is a USA-based multinational fast food chain. The global headquarters of McDonald’s moved to Chicago from Oak Brook, Illinois. Through the company’s ownership of all restaurant locations, it is a real estate company also.

Chris Kempczinski is the current Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s. The CEO drives the company’s growth by ensuring its success at all levels.

However, if for any reason you want to communicate with Chris Kempczinski, send an email to the McDonald’s CEO email address chris.kempczinski@us.mcd.com. Or send your written thoughts to the CEO’s postal address.

We will uncover all the ways following which you can contact the McDonald’s CEO. So, start jumping into the main discussion below:

Who Is The CEO Of McDonald’s?

Chris Kempczinski is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Mcdonald’s. As the CEO, Chris leads millions of dedicated McFamily employees who help run the company. Moreover, Chris drives McDonald’s growth strategy and accelerates the arches.

Before being the CEO, Chris served as Mcdonald’s USA’s President. He then led approximately 14,000 McDonald’s restaurant operations across the USA. Chris, as the Executive Vice President in 2015, joined Mcdonald’s.

Since beginning his journey at Mcdonald’s, he has worked closely with the company’s franchisees and higher executives. Chris not only served on the Board of Directors of Mcdonald’s but also served as the Ronald McDonald House Charities trustee. Also, outside of Mcdonald’s, he serves on the Procter & Gamble’s Board of Directors.

How Can I Contact The McDonald’s CEO?

Sending an email to the Mcdonald’s CEO’s email address is the easiest way of communicating with him. But the problem is there is no guarantee that you will surely get a reply from the CEO. Therefore it’s best to learn some more other ways following which you can contact the CEO. Those are:

  • Write your concerns, comments, or issues with Mcdonald’s service to the company’s CEO at chris.kempczinski@us.mcd.com. Write to this address and wait to get a reply.
  • If you want to write a letter to the CEO or send any document, drop it at the CEO’s postal address. Mcdonald’s CEO’s mailing address is McDonald’s Corporation, 110 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60607, USA.
  • Find out the CEO Chris Kempczinski’s social media accounts. Follow, add, like, share, and comment on his social media post. Try to grab the CEO’s attention on social media by remaining active on his LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Last but not least, directly call the Mcdonald’s headquarters customer care number. Explain to them why you need to contact the CEO. Considering your issue’s urgency, they can arrange your meeting with the CEO if you are lucky enough.

Is the Mcdonald’s CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

After conducting in-depth research, we found McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski’s email address and made it public.

chris.kempczinski@us.mcd.com is the CEO’s email address. Using this email, you can contact him.

Is McDonald’s CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

Unfortunately, not! The McDonald’s CEO didn’t make his phone number public because thousands of people would call him daily. That is quite irritating. But still, over the phone, there is a chance to contact him.

Call the Mcdonald’s headquarters hotline and request them to connect you with the CEO.

Mcdonald’s CEO Postal Address

Chris Kempczinski conducts his official activities from the Mcdonald’s headquarters. Therefore if you want to send anything to the CEO, send it to the company’s postal address at McDonald’s Corporation, 110 N. Carpenter St., Chicago, IL 60607, USA.

Mcdonald’s CEO Social Media Accounts

Social media platforms are the easiest and quickest way of communicating with anyone. Mcdonald’s CEO Chris maintains his social media presence by running accounts on different platforms. Check out his profile links below:

How Do I Contact McDonald’s Corporate Office?

Mcdonald’s conducts its activities globally based in Chicago, USA. Its headquarters address is McDonald’s Corporation, 110 N. Carpenter St., Chicago, IL 60607, USA.

  • Customer Service Email Address: community@us.mcd.com
  • Customer Service Phone Number: (800) 244 – 6227

Mcdonald’s Executive Team Contact Details

All the expert and experienced executives in the industry are leading McDonald’s worldwide. Some of the team members are:


How do I contact McDonald’s corporate email?

McDonald’s corporate email address is community@us.mcd.com. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts, share them at this email address.

Where is McDonald’s headquarters?

McDonald’s is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Its corporate office is at McDonald’s Corporation, 110 N. Carpenter St., Chicago, IL 60607, USA.

What do you call McDonald’s?

Call (800) 244 – 6227 and contact directly with the customer care representative of Mcdonald’s headquarters. Tell them how you need their service.

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