Navy Federal Headquarters, Corporate Office, Phone, mail & Email Address

7 Navy Department employees established the Navy Federal Credit Union during the Great Depression to help co-workers financially. The Navy Federal headquarters address is 820 Follin Ln SE, Vienna, VA 22180. The CEO & President of Navy Federal is Mary McDuffie.

To contact the Navy Federal headquarter, you can call 1 – 888 – 842 – 6328 (24/7). Navy Federal conducts its activity throughout the world through its overseas and military branches.

In an effort to present the details of the Navy Federal headquarters, we have developed this guide. So, keep going till the end!

Over All Information Of Navy Federal Credit Union

Category Information 
Headquarter 820 Follin Ln SE, Vienna, VA 22180
Founding Year1933
Founding Place Vienna, Virginia, United States
Contact Number 1 – 888 – 842 – 6328
Routing Number 256074974
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Twitter Navy Federal Twitter
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LinkedIn Navy Federal LinkedIn

Other Contact Details Of Navy Federal Credit Union

The stateside member representative of Navy Federal is available 24/7 for you. You can reach them over the phone, online, or in person at the branch.

  • Telephone Support: 1 – 888 – 842 – 6328 (Available 24/7)
  • Collections Specialist’s Contact: 1 – 800 – 336 – 3767 (Monday – Friday; 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM, ET)
  • Business Solutions Representative’s Phone Number: 1 – 877 – 418 – 1462 (Monday – Friday) (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET).
  • Chat: Find out the chat icon that will appear on the website’s certain pages. Start chatting by clicking on the icon and get the answer to your question in real time.
  • Secure Message: If you want to send a message securely and talk about your account, you can log in or sign in to online banking. Then select Messages > Send Us A Message. And finally, send a message.
  • General Mailing Address: Navy Federal, PO, Box 3000, Merrifield, VA 22119 – 3000

Navy Federal Credit Union CEO Details

Mary McDuffie is the CEO and President of Navy Federal Credit Union. In 1999 McDuffie joined Navy Federal as SVP for marketing and product development. 

Since then, she has been contributing to the company. And over time, she became the CEO of Navy Federal, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia.

To contact Mary McDuffie, you must connect at (703) 255 – 8837. It’s her headquarters’ phone number. Her email address is not available. But you can also follow her on the social platform LinkedIn.

Key Executives Of Navy Federal Credit Union

Name Position Contact 
Mary McDuffieCEO & PresidentLinkedIn
B McMichaelVP, Information Security Governance HeadN/A
John RobertsonVP, Contact Center Operations N/A
Dave Willis EVP, Savings and MembershipLinkedIn
Maria PalumboVice President, Strategy Management LinkedIn
Kim PlaugherAVP, Fund Services LinkedIn
Jonathan Yeatts AVP, Application DeliveryLinkedIn
Matthew LohmarAVP, Solutions ArchitectureLinkedIn
Carol Hayes AVP, Data Services & Enterprise Data StrategyLinkedIn
Stacy Williams CCO VP, Member Experience & TrainingN/A
Josh Reese AVP, Lending Analytics LinkedIn
Vincent PennisiEVP, Chief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
David Tillery EVP, LendingLinkedIn
Bill Hills EVP & Chief Information OfficerN/A
George Eichert Senior VP, Admin ServicesLinkedIn
Tynika WilsonSenior Vice PresidentLinkedIn
Nancy DeDona Senior VP, Branch OperationsLinkedIn

HR, Media & Financial Department Contact Details

  • HR Contact: To contact the HR department of the Navy Federal 24/7, you can call 1 – 888 – 842 – 6328.
  • Media Contact for Stolen or Lost Credit Cards: To report a stolen or lost card or suspicious or fraudulent activity, you can call 1 – 888 – 842 – 6328. It is available 24 / 7.
  • Financial Department Contact: To get a free financial consult, contact 1 – 888 – 503 – 7106. You can contact Navy Federal at this number Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST.

Board Of Directors Of Navy Federal Credit Union

The list of talented board of directors are:

  • VADM John A. Lockard
  • Ms. Mary A. McDuffie
  • RADM Bruce B. Engelhardt
  • Mr. Edward R. Cochrane Jr.
  • RDML Kirk A. Foster
  • RDML Annie B. Andrews
  • RDML Brain E. Luther
  • CAPT Neil W.T. Hogg
  • Mr. Pasquale M. Tamburrino Jr.

Overseas Branches Of Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union headquarters is in Vienna, Virginia. But it has several overseas branches, and those are:

  • Cuba (Address: Navy Exchange Mall, Building #2155. FPO, AE, Cuba)
  • Bahrain (Address: Freedom Souq, 1st Floor, BIdg 261, NSA Bahrain, BHR)
  • Korea (Address: Unit 15469, BIdg 6430, Pyeongtaek – si, Gyeonggi – do, Kor)
  • Greece (Address: BIdg 49 Room 101, 731 00, Greece)
  • Guam (Address: CMCF + VXG, Santa Rita, Guam)
  • Japan (Address: Yokota Kichi BIdg 430 Fussa – Shi, Tokyo – To 197 – 0001, Japan)
  • Italy (Address: Gricignano di Aversa BIdg 2091, 81030, Provience of Caserta, Italy)
  • Singapore (Address: Deptford Road Building, 7 – 4 Room 1 – 21, Singapore 759657)
  • Spain (Address: US. Naval Station Command, Building 1A, 11530 Rota, Cadiz, Spain)

Mailing Address Of Navy Federal Credit Union

Category Mailing Address 
General CorrespondenceP.O. Box 3000Merrifield, VA 22119 – 3000
Visa Credit Card Disputes P.O. Box 3503Merrifield, VA 22119 – 3501
Visa Debit Card Disputes P.O. Box 23603Merrifield, VA 22119 – 3603
Load Payments P.O. Box 3100Merrifield, VA 22119 – 3100


What is the payoff address for Navy Federal Credit Union?

The loan payment address is P.O. Box 3100 Merrifield, VA 22119 – 3100.

Who is Navy Federal owned by?

Navy Federal is a member-owned, not-for-profit. This credit union exclusively serves veterans, the military, and their families.

What is the NFCU wire address?

820 Follin Lane SE, Vienna, VA 22180, is the address of Navy Federal.

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  1. I am DISGUSTED by your “customer service”. Hung up on 6 times today because of “phone issues”. Had to repeat everything 6 times. Trying to find out WHY your organization changed a payment date from today to 6/9/2023 for my auto payment on the new credit card. Is that so you can screw me out of my 0.98% introductory rate? Nobody on your end sees the email, yet it came DIRECTLY from YOUR customer service department. Was LOCKED OUT of my account when first opened because “I acceded the number of transactions-DUE TO YOUR OFFERING ME a credit card, which by the way was APPROVED!!! You have NO local number to contact my branch, yet you have the nerve to state “we are here for you”??? I’m going to contact federal agencies if I don’t hear back by 5/12/2023

  2. This is one bank that’s unfair I can’t not deal with a bank who makes you pay back money someone stole out your accounts my kids suffer without food I had court papers for rent I need all my money back now or I will get my lawyer I’m really tired this been going on months. Whoever investigates are not experienced how the hell you investigates and deny the claim if you went back into the account you will see I’ve never send any money to any one bank to bank I want my money back now or I will take them to court someone needs to contact me immediately it’s a problem

  3. I actually love NFCU. Slight hang up that likely stems from employee disconnects in communication. May 2023 Credit Card payment was to be extended in response to company closing west coast division.

    Already obtained new opportunity however May was not processed as advised and they came back after the fact citing it could not be processed due to having had an extension during parents death A YEAR AGO.

    Never requested any assistance all through covid

  4. We attempted to find email addresses with no success, so let’s try putting this msg here.

    Board Members,

    We hope this message finds you well and with true intent. Recently, we became aware that a decision was made, after review of our portfolio, your company chose to close out a credit card we had for over a decade. We found this personally disrespectful and professionally a true lack of due diligence to review our full portfolio and risk assessment, maybe it was a systematic algorithm applied. While we still will be responsible for the debt and interest to your company, for now, it will highly unlikely continue. Admittedly, a few times throughout our relationship, we have found the need to ask for loan adjustments, examples delayed or rollback payments, which sometimes were agreed upon and others not. Overall, we always paid with interest. We appreciate the risk you took in us with these three products, which was to the benefit of your company as we are paying clients. We had multiple car loans with you, which have all been paid with interest. We have multiple credit cards, which we pay with interest. With the cost of living on the rise, and interest rates continuously moving upward, there is a true strain on most consumers, including us, however we continue to pay our debts to you with interest. We currently hold three products that earn interest for your company to the tune of thousands of dollars a year collectively. We hold little to no savings, leaving you no liability if we were to call on those funds at any given time, nor do we earn any interest off you. Being in the finance profession myself, I am aware we are low maintenance/cost members, rarely needing to visit the branches or call to the 800 number which would drive up your cost. We utilized digital for most of our interactions – you are welcome. We could have been the clients that routinely end up in your collections team, needing more fostered attention and negotiation to pay, however we are not.

    This inept decision by your company, has caused us to take review of our portfolio and decision whether to continue to pay your company interest and give you market share. At this point, we would rather move our debt to another financial institute, pay interest elsewhere or pull from our retirement and pay ourselves interest rather than your company.

    In our industry, generational wealth is typically commentary we hear, however we think of it as generational advocacy in our house. Having a household of six, four being our children, our advocacy for your company even as a competitor of my own, simply can no longer be reinforced based on your recent decision and action towards us. To put it in laymen’s terms, as with how many relationships sever, “It’s not you, it’s me” or in this case “us” and the high likelihood of our four children and their children – generational advocacy.

    We have already ceased our direct deposit to your institute, this account closure request was just the first step, we will continue to close out our accounts, transition the remaining debt away from your company, and lessen your market share on our behalf as well as our family generations to come. We have been long standing members and advocates for your brand, sadly this has come to an end. The real wish here, is that you would have took real due diligence and full consideration of our situation, possibly even reached out if you felt there was distress and offered more assistance to a tenured-paying client. Your company has made it clear with this recent decision, that we are just a number. Thank you for the clarity.

    In case the theme was missed – we are paying clients and soon to be former clients. In the spirit of true competition we wish you the best in future strategies to build your clientele and market share. For fun – GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!, noticed a lot of retired USN on the board.



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