What Is PepsiCo CEO Email Address?

The American multinational PepsiCo Inc. is a food, snack, and beverage corporation. It is headquartered in Harrison, NY, USA. PepsiCo’s business encompasses the food and beverage market in all aspects. The company oversees its product’s manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

PepsiCo Company’s CEO is Ramon L. Laguarta. He has been leading PepsiCo since 2018. Ramon Laguarta wants to connect with its customers. And thus, he makes his email address public so that anyone can easily reach him.

If you face any issue while consuming PepsiCo products or want to share the product-related concern with Mr. Ramon, write to the PepsiCo CEO Email address. His professional email is Ramon.Laguarta@pepsico.com.

In today’s guide, we will reveal all the ways through which you can contact the CEO. So, keep going through this article till the end!

Who Is The CEO Of PepsiCo?

Ramon L. Laguarta is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of PepsiCo. He is also the Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors. Before being the CEO, he was PepsiCo’s President. The CEO is leading the PepsiCo Company and its executive team successfully globally in over 200 countries.

Ramon has 25-year industry experience as a PepsiCo veteran. Since 2018 he has been serving in the industry as the CEO, and since 2019, he assumed the Board Chairman’s role. As the company’s most important figure, he has begun pivoting PepsiCo toward rapid growth. Ramon is positioning PepsiCo to become stronger, faster and better.

Under Ramon’s leadership, the executive team leaders adopt new leadership behaviors. However, in addition to PepsiCo, Ramon also served in other companies. He serves as Visa Inc. ‘s director and World Economic Forum Board’s co-chair.

How Can I Contact The PepsiCo CEO?

In one of four ways, you can contact the PepsiCo CEO. Among them, the most convenient option is emailing the CEO by writing your questions or thoughts. However, you can reach the PepsiCo CEO in any of the following ways.

  • Write your PepsiCo product-related thoughts or problems to the CEO at his business email address Ramon.Laguarta@pepsico.com. Avoid sending unnecessary emails with tiny issues to him.
  • Through the official channel, you can also reach Mr. Ramon. His office’s hotline number or PepsiCo headquarters number is 914 – 253 – 3150. Call this number and tell the representative your motto that you want to contact the CEO.
  • If you want to send any written paper to the CEO’s address, post it at his mailing address at Harrison, 700 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, United States. Send the document mentioning the CEO’s details.
  • Another way to connect with the CEO Ramon Laguarta is to follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media. These social platforms can be the greatest medium to connect with the CEO.

Is the PepsiCo CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Ramon.Laguarta@pepsico.com is the PepsiCo CEO’s email ID. The CEO, Ramon, makes his email address public so that the users can easily connect with him and share their thoughts.

Is PepsiCo CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

No! PepsiCo CEO’s phone number is publicly unavailable. But the CEO’s headquarters official number is 914 – 253 – 3150. You can call this number to reach the CEO.

PepsiCo CEO Postal Address

Harrison, 700 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, United States, is the PepsiCo headquarters and CEO’s postal address. If you want to post anything, use PepsiCo CEO’s official address.

PepsiCo CEO Social Media Accounts

Ramon L. Laguarta, the PepsiCo CEO, is active on several social media platforms to ensure his official presence. Moreover, through his accounts, he shares his updates with his followers. Now check out the CEO’s social media profile link below:

How Do I Contact PepsiCo Corporate Office?

PepsiCo’s headquarters address is Harrison, 700 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, United States. PepsiCo shares its corporate grounds with its user’s community and neighbors. You can contact the PepsiCo corporate office by phone or email. Check out the contact details below:

PepsiCo Executive Team Contact Details


Who owns PepsiCo?

Primarily institutional investors like BlackRock and the Vanguard Group own PepsiCo. The Vanguard Group’s share in PepsiCo is 8.9%, and the BlackRock Group’s share is 7.6%.

How do I contact PepsiCo headquarters?

You can contact PepsiCo headquarters in one of two ways via phone or email. PepsiCo headquarters’ contact number is 914 – 253 – 3150, and the email address is PepsiCoDMKSG@Pepsico.com.

Where is the corporate address of PepsiCo?

PepsiCo’s corporate office address is Harrison, 700 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, United States. It operates throughout the USA’s different states in over 38 locations.

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