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The American company Petco is a health and wellness company. It focused on improving the pet parents, pets, and its own Petco partners. Since the beginning, this company has been trailblazing pet care’s new standards. Moreover, through its products and services, it is delivering comprehensive wellness solutions.

Petco corporate office is located at 10850 Via Frontera, San Diego, CA 92127, USA. This company’s current Chief Executive Officer and Director is Ronal Coughlin Jr.

However, if you want help with a product or service or face an issue with repeated orders, inform the company’s customer care team. Call (858) 453 – 7845 Or (888) 824 – 7257 or email Soon the Petco service representative will help you.

If you want to learn more about the Petco corporate office, go through this guide sharply till the end!

Overall Information Of Petco Headquarters

Headquarters Petco National Support Center, 10850 Via Frontera, San Diego, CA 92127
Founding Year1965
Founding Place San Diego, California
Founders Name Walter Evans
Contact Number (858) 453 – 7845 Or (888) 824 – 7257
Facebook Petco Facebook
Twitter Petco Twitter
YouTubePetco YouTube
Instagram Petco Instagram
LinkedIn Petco LinkedIn
Pinterest Petco Pinterest

Petco CEO Email Address

Since June 2018, Ronal Coughlin Jr. has served as Petco’s Chief Executive Officer and Director. Consecutively since January 2021, he has been serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Petco. Before joining Petco, he served as HP Inc.’s President of the Personal Systems Segment from 2014 to 2018.

Before that, he served as the Consumer PCs Senior Vice President and LaserJet’s Senior Vice President. In 2007 before joining HP, Mr. Coughlin, in senior executive roles, spent 13 years at PepsiCo. He was the Tropicana and PepsiCo International Beverage’s Chief Marketing Officer.

However, is the Petco CEO’s professional email address. To get in touch with the CEO, you can write your thoughts or issues at this email address. Also, you can follow Mr Coughlin on LinkedIn to learn his professional updates regularly.

Petco Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Petco Corporate Office HR, Media & IR Contact Details

Want to contact Petco’s HR, IR or Media team but don’t know how to? Well, use each department’s contact information below to reach them.

HR Contact

To learn about Petco’s available job opportunities, call its customer support team at (858) 453 – 7845 Or (888) 824 – 7257. They will help you by providing you with employment benefits and job-related necessary information.

Media Contact

If you are a media or press member looking to cover news or stories on Petco, immediately contact the Petco Media Relations team.

The representative will help you by providing the most valuable information. Note one thing: Petco’s media team cannot provide any interviews.

For your necessary Petco media information, use the contact details below:

Name Phone Number Email Address 
Yvonne Tarrab (858) 453 – 7845 x 223256 
Ventura Olvera (858) 453 – 7845 x 222820 
N/A(858) 909 – 


Call the company’s advertisement team at (212) 220 – 5000 if you have Petco advertising-related inquiries. Soon the team will tell you advertising related to all the details.

Investor Relations Contact

Whether you are a professional or a new investor, if you want to invest in Petco, you can contact its Investor Relations team to learn the necessary details.

Cathy Yao is the Petco IR representative. Contact her through email at for your investment-related queries.

Petco Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

Want to complain about the Petco service, order, repeat delivery or anything else? The Pet service team is always ready to hear you over the phone.

Call (858) 453 – 7845 Or (888) 824 – 7257 and tell them why you are disappointed with their service. Also, you can email them at by writing your issue. Hopefully, they will provide you with a solution soon.

Petco Store Locations Across USA

Petco operates stores in more than 1500 locations in the USA. To know your nearby locations, you can use this Petco Store Locator. Check out some of its major store locations below:

  • California: (Address – 1301 S California Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596)
  • New York: (Address – 125 Prince Street, New York, New York, 10012, USA)
  • Texas: (Address – 2519 East Expressway, Mission, Texas)
  • Florida: (Address – 1624 Governors Square Blvd, Tallahassee, FL)
  • Georgia: (Address – 2955 Cobb Pkwy SE, Atlanta, GA)


How do I contact the CEO of Petco?

Ronal Coughlin Jr. is Petco’s Director and CEO. To contact Petco’s CEO, email his professional email address at Or send him an email on his social media account, like LinkedIn.

Where is Petco headquarters located?

Petco is headquartered in San Diego, CA 92127, USA. But it operates its activities throughout the USA.

How to contact the Petco corporate office?

To contact Petco headquarters, call (858) 453 – 7845 Or (888) 824 – 7257 or drop an email at

From our end, we have already discussed Petco’s corporate office’s all-important contact details. If you have any further queries, feel free to comment in the box. ASAP we will reply to you!

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