Planet Fitness Corporate Office, CEO Email, Executive Team Contacts

Planet Fitness is one of the fastest-growing and largest franchisors and fitness center operators in the United States. By 2016, Planet Fitness had over 1200 stores in USA’s 47 states and had members of 8.7 million.

The company provides a high-quality fitness experience. And it aims to enhance people’s lives in a non-intimidating and welcoming environment. Planet Fitness corporate office is headquartered at 4 Liberty Lane West, Hampton, NH 03842, USA. To contact Planet Fitness’s headquarter, call 877 – 521 – 9840.

After conducting in-depth research, we developed this article. By going through this guide, you will surely learn all the contact details of the Planet Fitness corporate office. So, let’s dive into the main discussion:

Information Of Planet Fitness Corporate Headquarters

Headquarter 4 Liberty Lane West, Hampton, NH 03842, USA
Founding Year1992
Founding Place USA
Founders Name Dover, N. H.
Contact Number 877 – 521 – 9840
Facebook Planet Fitness Facebook
Twitter Planet Fitness Twitter
YouTubePlanet Fitness YouTube
Instagram Planet Fitness Instagram
TikTokPlanet Fitness TikTok
LinkedInPlanet Fitness LinkedIn

Planet Fitness Corporate Office Other Contact Details

You can contact the Planet Fitness Store with comments, questions, or suggestions by filling out the website’s contact us form. But you can also contact the company directly using the following details.

  • International Telephone Number: 425 – 659 – 1263 – Available from Monday – Friday (5:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST)
  • Domestic Contact Number: 877 – 521 – 9840 – Available from Monday – Friday (5:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST)
  • Customer Support Contact Number: 0861 496 463
  • Corporate Telephone Number: +1 844 – 880 – 7180
  • Email:
  • Corporate Email Address:
  • Fax: 425 – 398 – 4346
  • Mail Address: Planet Fitness Store, C/O BDA, 15525 Woodinville – Redmond Rd. NE, Woodinville, WA 98072

Planet Fitness CEO Email Details

Since January 2013, Chris Rondeau has been heading as the CEO of Planet Fitness. Before that, since 2003, Chris has been the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Chris revolutionizes both the franchising and fitness industry by refining and developing the high-value, low-cost unique business model.

To get in touch with the CEO, you can email at chris.rondeau@planetfit. The personal contact number of the CEO is not available. Even then, in case of any emergency or severe issue, you can contact the CEO by calling 877 – 521 – 9840.

There is less chance that the CEO will personally reply to you. So it’s recommended that you try not to communicate with the CEO about any silly issue. But you can follow Chris Rondeau on LinkedIn to learn his update.

Planet Fitness Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Chris RondeauChief Executive OfficerLinkedIn
Bill BodeDivision President, US FranchiseLinkedIn
Paul Barber Chief Information OfficerLinkedIn
Tom FitzgeraldChief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Edward Hymes President & Chief Operating Officer LinkedIn
Kathy GentilozziChief People OfficerLinkedIn
Jamie MedeirosChief Brand OfficerLinkedIn
Sherrill KaplanChief Digital OfficerLinkedIn
McCall GosselinSVP, Communications & Corporate Social ResponsibilityLinkedIn
Jennifer Simmons Division President, Corporate ClubsLinkedIn
Justin VartanianSVP, International Division & General CounselLinkedIn
Brian O’DonnellChief Accounting Officer & VPLinkedIn
Chris CavoloPrincipal, COON/A
Mike BlouinVice President, FinanceLinkedIn
Stephan DalgarVice President, Information TechnologyLinkedIn
Craig MillerChief Digital & Information OfficerLinkedIn
Danielle MonroyRegional Director, OperationsLinkedIn
Justin BohnDirector, Finance N/A
Chris LavoieVice President, Information systemsLinkedIn
Troy ScottVP, Financial Planning & AnalysisLinkedIn
Edward BourellyVP, MarketingLinkedIn
Joshua GassVice President, OperationsLinkedIn

Planet Fitness HR, Investor Relations & Media Contact

Are you looking for an email or phone number of the HR, Media & Investor Relation department of Planet Fitness? Look no further. You will find it here right below!

  • HR Contact: Every customer at Planet Fitness can contact its Human Resource department by calling (844) 880 – 7180.
  • Investor Relations Contact: To communicate with the Investor Relations department of Planet Fitness, you can email
  • Media Contact: Those who are looking for a way to communicate with the Media Relations Team of Planet Fitness can call 603 – 319 – 6687.

Or you can also email the company at Some more media contacts are mentioned below:

NamePhone NumberEmail Address
McCall Gosselin603 – 957 – 
Julia Young, ICR646 – 277 – 1280 

Planet Fitness Corporate Office Board Of Directors

The board of directors of Planet Fitness represents the interest of the shareholders of the company. They also advise and guide Planet Fitness’s executive team and CEO.

The board members don’t involve themselves in the company’s day-to-day operations. But they provide general oversight of operations. However, the Planet Fitness board of directors includes:

  • Stephen Spinelli, Jr.
  • Bernard Acoca
  • Chris Rondeau
  • Craig Benson
  • Enshalla Anderson
  • Frances Gregg Rathke
  • Cammmie Dunaway
  • Christopher Tanco


How do I complain to Planet Fitness corporate?

To complain to Planet Fitness, you can visit the company headquarters or the company’s website. Or directly you can call the customer service contact number 603 – 750 – 0001. 

Who is the CEO of Planet Fitness corporate?

Planet Fitness corporate’s Chief Executive Officer is Chris Rondeau. Mr. Rondeau has been leading the company since 2013.

Is Planet Fitness the largest franchise?

Planet Fitness is one of the fastest-growing and largest franchisors in the United States of America.

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  1. When someone submit s a complaint, grievance to corporate, about a particular gym, a Harrassment complaint. And states that the franchise owner has never, ever, made any attempt to contact the former customer. The former customer has also contacted a local lawyer, because their ethical rights were violated, and they were humiliated. Even after a letter to corporate, they still dont respond. Which is exactly what people are saying about this company.
    Corporate just sends the complaint back to the local gym, and the franchise owner responds, says to go to And they do absolutely nothing, have no idea, what the point of them are.
    The whole point of going to corporate, is report this gym, the illegal activity and breaking of company ethics laws, that the franchise owner disregard s. You think corporate would be interested in the fact, that a employee, is discussing, customer s, private information to other customers. Because the owner isn’t.

  2. The CEO and board of directors need to come up with better policy, regarding cell phone use while people are seated on equipment. Too many people walk up to exercise equipment, sit down, pull out a phone and just start staring at it, talking, texting, tweeting, whatever they do but they are not exercising. They are tying up the equipment for people who want to get on it and do what it is designated to do. Instead you have to sit and wait while someone is lost in thought and being inconsiderate to those around them. By using the equipment for resting, propping up their elbows on the curl machine to take the weight of the phone off their hands. This is ridiculous and it occurs every time I am in the Club and it’s not just one person, it’s many people. The manager doesn’t get paid enough to confront people about this, so the Corporate office should enact a new policy and put up some different signs, such as “PLEASE NO CELL PHONE USE WHILE SEATED ON THE EQUIPMENT. THANK YOU, PLANET FITNESS”. At least if someone has a conscious it may curtail the problem a little and help improve the availability of the equipment for its proper use. You really need to address this! It is a misuse of Gym equipment and ruins the experience of Planet Fitness. Could you please discuss this at your next board meeting.

    Thank You.
    Mike H.
    Philadelphia, PA

  3. I agree with Ellen and Mike. One time I complained about a staff member using the F word behind the counter as I was walking out of the gym. That person was no longer working there after about a week. It worked that time. Recently I sent a notice to HQ not knowing they just forwarded it to my local gym. I never heard back from anyone, so I called HQ. I have had to call a few times. My complaint is I don’t use the hand blow dryers because they are unsanitary and so loud my ears hurt. I asked to have a roll of paper towels placed in the women’s bathroom. I got a reply that that is not going to happen. Really? I didn’t ask for the moon. Horrible! I see people all the time on their phones, on equipment and taking up space. One time a person was on one machine and was “saving” another one with a jacket. I complained and the staff said, “first come first serve”. I said to that person they could not “Save” any machines. They said, “who appointed you the gym police”? Very rude comment. Never saw that person again.
    Our gym does have a sign that you can only use your phone in the lobby. No one pays any attention to it. Or in the bathroom where it says no cell phones.
    Does HQ ever respond to these comments?

  4. My complaint is if anyone has noticed that Planet Fitness has removed Fox News from it’s clubs. Why is that? There is not one conservative station there. We have MSNBC, CNN, and all the other liberal stations. What about inclusion and I can’t believe that Planet Fitness would give in the woke climate. This happened the week before the elections and I was told there was a problem but now several weeks later the station has not returned. I like watch both CNN and Fox while on the treadmill or bike. If this is not corrected my friends and myself will cancel our membership. This is absurd.

  5. I have recently learned my son who is Autistic and works on the overnight shift as a cleaner has been working by himself. He is working not only as the cleaner but the front desk, which means he is alone. He became sick over the weekend and attempted to call out sick. He provided sufficient time. He was informed “he” was responsible for finding coverage. He could not. He contacted his manager again and they informed him if he did not go to work he would be written up as a no call/no show. So, explain to me this: 1) Why is he not getting paid the amount as someone who works the front desk. Not only is he working as a cleaner, he is working as the front desk point of contact. 2) Why would the manager state it would be a no call no show? Rather irresponsible to allow someone who is ill to work. And was that a threat to write my son up who has Autism? Be aware, my son has provided documentation he is disabled. I am involved because I provide assistance when my son has difficulties articulating information. The manager should have gone in. They would rather get customers sick I suppose. And am I seeing behavior where someone with a disability is being treated with lack of dignity and respect? I would highly look into EEOC regulations regarding this practice. I expect a call.


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