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Turkey hill dairy is a renowned brand in the dairy industry for its iced tea, ice cream, and other beverages. They sell a variety of desserts throughout the USA. The Turkey hill dairy corporate office headquarter is at 2601 River Road, Conestoga, PA 17516, US.

If you want to know about the ways you can contact Turkey hill dairy corporate, then we have lined up everything you need for that. Here, we will be going through all the necessary information for contacting Turkey hill dairy through various mediums.

A quick look at the Turkey hill dairy corporate

Headquarter location2601 River Road Conestoga, PA
Zip code17516
Founded in1931
Phone number717-872-5461

Contact information of Turkey hill dairy

Turkey hill dairy has only one headquarters and office from where they manufacture their product and deliver it across the country. All the operation takes place in their main factory at 2601 River Road, Conestoga, Pennsylvania.

Apart from the headquarters, Turkey hill dairy also has an attraction-based spot called Turkey hill experience. It’s a 17000 square foot space in Columbia, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Turkey hill experience is to pay respect to the prolonged history of Turkey hill as a company. There they mostly highlight the process of making ice cream and ice tea.

You can visit one of these places to get to know the company a bit better. You might even get to see the complete manufacturing process as well.

Now, let’s get through the other types of methods for contacting Turkey hill dairy.

Digital mediums for contacting Turkey hill dairy

Well, there are various ways to get in touch with Turkey hill dairy. Here are the methods you can try out for contacting them. These are some digital options that you just have to try out.

Phone number717-872-5461
FacebookTurkey hill dairy Facebook
InstagramTurkey hill dairy Instagram
TwitterTurkey hill dairy twitter
Linked inTurkey hill linked in
WikipediaTurkey hill Wikipedia

These are some ways you can get information on the brand. They are very much active on their social media accounts, so you can know about the updates from there. And if you want a deeper knowledge of the brand, you can always follow up on the Wikipedia page.

Contacting the human resource department of Turkey hill  

For anyone who wants to try out their career at Turkey hill, getting in touch with the human resource department is very crucial. So, if you are looking for information regarding that, here’s how you can reach them.


A great thing about the human resource department of Turkey hill is that they are very responsive. You can simply email them your resume or FAX it to them for an open position, and they might respond to that.

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History of Turkey hill and how it began

The history of Turkey hill dairy is very old. Their journey began in 1931 with Armor Frey just selling some bottles of milk to his neighbours. He would take bottles of milk into his sedan and deliver them to the nearby neighbours.

Later on, in 1947 he sold his dairy to his sons Glen, Charles Frey, and Emerson. 7 years later, they started making ice cream. Even though in the beginning they didn’t sell it everywhere, you could get them later on almost in all the independent stores.

To give the people an in-depth experience of Turkey hill history, they opened up the Turkey Hill experience attraction site. It started in 2011 and has been going on pretty well till now. They opened it up just six miles away from their primary production facility in Conestoga.

All the different products from Turkey hill

They specialize in making frozen dairy items. They started with simply delivering milk. But later on, they started working with ice cream, yoghurt, ice tea, fruit drinks, and so forth. They have a pretty large collection of products you can look into.

You can find turkey hill products almost anywhere in the world. But typically, they are well known around the USA for their availability. For the international market, they aren’t that famous as the export rate of their product is a bit low.

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