What Is Air Canada CEO Email Address?

Canada’s flag carrier and the largest airline in terms of size and passengers carried is Air Canada. It is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For passengers, Air Canada provides charter and scheduled air transport and cargo service globally in 222 destinations.

Michael Rousseau is the CEO of this company. Since 2021 he has assumed this airline’s CEO role. However, the Air Canada CEO’s email address is michael.rousseau@aircanada.ca.

As a passenger or user of this airline, if you have any questions or concerns, you can share them with the CEO via this email.

Don’t stop here thinking that email is the only mode of communication with the CEO. We will tell you some more secrets about reaching him. So keep reading!

Who Is The CEO Of Air Canada?

Michael Rousseau is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Air Canada. Since February 2021, he has been serving this company. However, previously, from 2019, he worked as the Chief Financial Officer & Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Air Canada.

The CEO oversees several business and corporate initiatives, including the Air Canada Rouge. Mr. Rousseau played a highly strategic and significant role in the successful transformation of Air Canada. Before joining Air Canada, Rousseau was in Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Company. 

Mr. Rousseau served in Silcorp Limited, Moore Corporation, and the UCS Group. Also, he has been to several public companies director. Moreover, he is on the International Air Transport Association’s Board of Governors.

How Can I Contact The Air Canada CEO?

Contacting Air Canada’s CEO is challenging as he is one of the busiest people in a large organization. So you have to follow the effective ways to reach him so that your attempt doesn’t go in vain.

Below, we will guide you through all the ways you can contact Mr. Rousseau. So let’s check these out:

  • The first way to contact him is emailing at michael.rousseau@aircanada.ca. Write your Air Canada-related query or thought to the CEO in detail. Avoid sending unnecessary emails, as they will be stored in spam, and you won’t get a reply.
  • Follow the official mode of communication to reach the Air Canada CEO. Call Air Canada’s headquarters hotline number. Then, explain to the representative why you want to contact him over the phone. They may help you to communicate with the CEO if your explanation convinces them.
  • Send your written documents or correspondence to the CEO’s mailing address care of Michael Rousseau. The postal address is Air Canada Centre, 7373 Cte Vertu, Boulevard West, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4S1Z3.
  • On different social media platforms, search out the CEO’s profile. If you find any, add or follow it. Also, be active on the CEO post to get a reply through comments and share.

Is the Air Canada CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes! For you, we conducted in-depth research, found the CEO’s email address, and made it public. Its michael.rousseau@aircanada.ca. Using this email, you can grab the golden chance to communicate with the CEO.

Is Air Canada CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

We feel sorry to say No to you. But unfortunately, the Air Canada CEO’s personal or business phone number is unavailable. However, Air Canada’s headquarters number is available, and it’s 1 – 866 – 529 – 2079.

Air Canada CEO Postal Address

The most effective official communication medium is sending your written thoughts or any paper to the CEO’s mailing address.

His postal address is Air Canada Centre, 7373 Cte Vertu, Boulevard West, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4S1Z3. While sending the mail, make sure you name it in the care of Michael Rousseau.

Air Canada CEO Social Media Accounts

After searching on several social media platforms, we found Michael Rousseau’s Bloomberg profile only. He isn’t much active on social media.

How Do I Contact Air Canada Corporate Office?

Air Canada is headquartered in Quebec, Canada. The company’s corporate office is at Air Canada Centre, 7373 Cte Vertu, Boulevard West, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4S1Z3.

If you want to reach out to the Air Canada customer support team, go through the contact information below:

  • Customer Service Phone Number: 1 – 866 – 529 – 2079
  • Customer Service Email Address: N/A

Air Canada Executive Team Contact Details

Along with Michael Rousseau, the other executives who are leading Air Canada are:


How do I contact Michael Rousseau?

To contact Michael Rousseau, email him at his professional email address at michael.rousseau@aircanada.ca. Or contact him through the headquarters channel, like calling the HQ hotline number, emailing them, or mailing your query.

How do I escalate an issue with Air Canada?

Via the company’s online portal, file your complaint. To access this, visit the Air Canada website Homepage and click “Start My Complaint”.

Where is Air Canada’s headquarters located?

Air Canada’s corporate office is Air Canada Centre, 7373 Cte Vertu, Boulevard West, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4S1Z3.

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