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Busch Gardens is the name of the USA’s two amusement parks. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns and operates this. It is mainly a theme park and attraction center. By visiting it, you can experience animal attractions and educational series with different interests and spectacular rides.

Busch Gardens corporate office is located at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, 10165 N McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612. Kevin Lembke is the Park President.

Whether you have questions or concerns about Busch Gardens, share them with the authority via phone at 813 – 884 – 4FUN (813 – 884 – 4386). 

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Overall Information of Busch Gardens Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, 10165 N McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612 
Founding Year1959 
Founding Place Tampa, Florida 
Contact Number 813 – 884 – 4FUN (813 – 884 – 4386) 
Website https://buschgardens.com 
Facebook Busch Gardens Facebook
Twitter Busch Gardens Twitter 
YouTubeBusch Gardens YouTube
Instagram Busch Gardens Instagram
TikTokBusch Gardens TikTok 

Busch Gardens Corporate Office CEO Email Address

Kevin Lembke is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Busch Gardens. He is the executive leader in the Busch Gardens theme park, hospitality/attractions, and tourism industry. The CEO strongly focuses on creating a unique experience and high-performing teams that drive guest satisfaction, profitability and operational excellence.

Mr Kevin has diverse experience in operations, strategic planning, budgeting, guest service, project implementation, and capital planning. Also, he has experience in retail operations, marketing strategy, and food & beverage operations.

kevin.lembke@buschgardens.com and kevinsst@yahoo.com are the two professional email addresses of Kevin Lembke. Whether you want to share your thoughts or issues, write them to the CEO’s email address. Don’t spam in the CEO’s email box with your unnecessary email. Also, you can follow Mr Kevin on LinkedIn to stay updated about him.

Busch Gardens Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

  1. Kevin Lembke – Chief Executive Officer & Park President 
  2. Giles Larry – Vice President, Engineering & Maintenance 
  3. Clemons Caroline – Vice President, Merchandise 
  4. Greg Thacker – Vice President, General Services
  5. Larry Giles – Vice President, Engineering
  6. Ricker Lamphier – Vice President, Operations
  7. Sara Garringer – Vice President, Human Resources
  8. Nancy Hutson – Vice President, Entertainment
  9. Jonathan Harris – Vice President, Human Resources
  10. Marc Fariman – Vice President, Human Resources

Busch Gardens Corporate Office HR & Media Contact Details

HR Contact

If you want to join the Busch Gardens corporate team or are already a team member and have questions, call (757) 229 – 4386. The HR team representative will answer all your questions. However, to find out the available job opportunities, visit this page.

Media Contact

Journalists or media members who want to cover the Busch Gardens-related latest news or arrange an interview can contact its Public Relations team. For your media inquiries, write to the email address at BGTPublic.Relations@BuschGardens.com.

Group Tickets Contact

If you want to visit the Busch Gardens in a group, it’s better to ask for a group ticket in advance. However, call 407 – 965 – 3251 to get group tickets. The representative over the phone will help you.

Busch Gardens Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

Fill out this Contact Us form to get the rapid and best help with your complaint, questions, or concerns. While visiting the park, if you face any issues, immediately call 813 – 884 – 4FUN (813 – 884 – 4386) to make a complaint.

Busch Gardens Corporate Office Locations

Busch Gardens has two amusement parks in America. Its original park is located in Tampa, Florida, and Williamsburg, Virginia, is its second park. Their specific locations are:

  1. Tampa, Florida: (Address: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, 10165 N McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612)
  2. Williamsburg, Virginia: (Address: 1 Busch Gardens Blvd, Williamsburg, VA 23185, USA)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I speak to someone at Busch Gardens Tampa?

To contact the customer care representative at Busch Gardens Tampa, you can call 813 – 884 – 4386. Or you can mail to their professional mailing address at 10165 N McKinley Drive, Tampa, FL 33612.

Who is the CEO of Busch Gardens Tampa?

Kevin Lembke is the Chief Executive Officer of Busch Gardens Tampa. He has been serving as the Park President for many years with his expertise and experience.

How do I cancel My Busch Gardens membership in Williamsburg?

You must complete a 12-month commitment before changing, transferring, removing, or canceling your Busch Garden membership in Williamsburg.

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