What Is the PagerDuty CEO’s Email Address & Phone Number?

PagerDuty is a leading platform for digital operations management. Founded in 2009, the company has made a significant mark in the tech industry by helping businesses ensure that their digital services run smoothly 24/7. At its core, PagerDuty offers incident response and operations automation.

Jennifer Tejada is the Chief Executive Officer at PagerDuty. She is an experienced leader. If you want to contact her, you can use email, call, or send a letter. PagerDuty CEO’s professional email addresses are jtejada@pagerduty.com & jenntejada1@yahoo.com.

If you can’t reach the CEO by email, try calling her office or looking for her on social media. This article will show you different ways to reach the CEO. Let’s go through the main discussion below!

Who Is The CEO of PagerDuty?

Jennifer Tejada is the CEO of PagerDuty, a top company in digital management. PagerDuty helps businesses improve online services by ensuring everything runs smoothly, saving money, and keeping customers happy.

Jennifer has worked for 25 years in different areas, from everyday products to new online services. She’s good at creating new products, making businesses work better, and helping them grow. Moreover, she also invests money in tech businesses, like Operator Collective, Harlem Capital, and Penny Jar.

Before PagerDuty, Jennifer was the CEO of Keynote Systems. Under her leadership, the company did well and was later bought by Dynatrace. She also worked at Mincom and helped it grow until ABB bought it. Jennifer has also worked at big companies like Procter & Gamble and i2 Technologies.”

How Can I Contact The PagerDuty CEO?

If you’d like to contact the PagerDuty CEO, follow the methods below:

  • You can email her by crafting a brief and to-the-point message explaining your feedback, inquiries, or issues. Send it to her official email addresses at jtejada@pagerduty.com & jenntejada1@yahoo.com.
  • If you like traditional methods, consider mailing your letter to the company’s head office address. Send your letter to the PagerDuty CEO’s official email address at 600 Townsend St Ste 200, San Francisco, California, 94103.
  • Dial the PagerDuty’s main customer service number at 1 – 844 – 800 – DUTY & 1 – 650 – 989 – 2965. After connecting, mention that you have an important issue and would like to speak with the CEO. They might not link you right away, but they’ll forward your matter to the right team.
  • Keep an eye on the CEO’s online posts and activities by following his social media channels. Engage respectfully in the discussions under his posts. If possible, you can also send a direct message on her social media profiles.

Is the PagerDuty CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Of course! As mentioned before, if you wish to contact the CEO, Jennifer Tejada, you can drop her an email at either jtejada@pagerduty.com or jenntejada1@yahoo.com. She has made the email public for easier communication.

Is the PagerDuty CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

Jennifer Tejada’s personal phone number isn’t shared publicly. However, you can call the main line of the PagerDuty corporate office at 1 – 844 – 800 – DUTY & 1 – 650 – 989 – 2965 and request to speak with the CEO.

PagerDuty CEO Postal Address

If you prefer sending a letter, address it to 600 Townsend St Ste 200, San Francisco, California, 94103. That’s the official mailing address for the company.

PagerDuty CEO Social Media Accounts

Jennifer Tejada is active on social media platforms to ensure her social presence. So you can try to reach her there. Check below for links to her online profiles.

How Do I Contact the PagerDuty Corporate Office?

PagerDuty’s corporate office is at 600 Townsend St Ste 200, San Francisco, California, 94103. If you need help, their team is there. You can call or email them.

  • Customer Service Email Address: sales@pagerduty.com 
  • Customer Service Phone Number: 1 – 844 – 800 – DUTY & 1 – 650 – 989 – 2965

PagerDuty Executive Team Contact Details

The people in charge at PagerDuty do their best to improve the company. Here are some of the main leaders:


What is the official email address of PagerDuty’s CEO?

Jennifer Tejada is the current CEO of PagerDuty. Her official email addresses are jtejada@pagerduty.com & jenntejada1@yahoo.com

Where is PagerDuty’s headquarters located?

PagerDuty’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. Its corporate office address is 600 Townsend St Ste 200, San Francisco, California, 94103.

How can I get in touch with PagerDuty’s corporate office?

To contact PagerDuty’s corporate office, you can call their customer service number 1 – 844 – 800 – DUTY & 1 – 650 – 989 – 2965 or email at sales@pagerduty.com.

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