Wells Fargo Corporate Headquarters, CEO, Legal, HR Dept, Executive Team Contact Address

An American global financial services corporation, Wells Fargo & Company has its company headquarters in San Francisco, California, its operational headquarters in Manhattan, and its management offices spread out throughout the United States and overseas.

The headquarters of Wells Fargo’s legal division is in the American city of San Francisco, California. Call them at 1-800-869-3557 whenever you like.

They serve over 70 million clients in over 35 countries. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has designated it as a “systemically significant financial institution.”

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is a national bank incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware, with its main office located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When referring to the “Big Four Banks” of the United States, Wells Fargo is included. 

Figure 1- Wells Fargo  Legal Department

Wells Fargo Legal Department Headquarters Contact Details

The American financial services firm Wells Fargo & Company operates on a global scale. Financial and insurance services, Futures and options trading, banking, foreign currency exchange, brokerage services, and so on are all on the menu.

Wells Fargo’s service bundles are available at the lowest prices everywhere.

According to both measures of size, Wells Fargo is the fourth-largest bank in the United States and the globe. It has the number 26 spot on the Fortune 500’s list of most successful companies.

Below are the contact details of Wells Fargo’s headquarters.

Physical Location420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 
ZIP Code94104
Date of Inauguration June 29, 1776
Name of the Founder(s)Henry Wells and William George Fargo
Place of FoundingSan Francisco
Phone Number1-800-869-3557
Figure 2- Wells Fargo Headquarters Details

Wells Fargo HR Department Contact Details

To contact the Wells Fargo HR department, do consider the following details-

Phone Number1-877-479-3557
EmailWill update later
WebsiteHR Wells Fargo
SocialWill update later

Wells Fargo Legal Department Contact Details

To contact the Wells Fargo legal department, do consider the following details-

Phone Number1-800-869-3557
WebsiteLegal Department Wells Fargo
SocialWill update later

Wells Fargo Customer Service/Complaint Contact Details

To contact Wells Fargo customer service, do consider the following details-

Phone Number1-800-956-4442
EmailWill update later
WebsiteCustomer Service Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Finance Department Contact Details

To contact the Wells Fargo finance department, do consider the following details-

Phone Number1-866-281-7436
EmailWill update later
WebsiteFinance Department Wells Fargo

Executive Team

Muneera Carr is Wells Fargo & Company’s senior vice president, chief accounting officer, and controller. She supervises the HR department, Finance department, accounting, reporting, corporate tax, controllership, and supervision rules and practices for the company’s business units and enterprise operations

Muneera S. CarrChief Accounting Officer, and ControllerLinkedInWill update later
William M. DaleyVice Chairman of Public AffairsLinkedInWill update later
Derek A. FlowersSenior EVP, Chief Risk OfficerLinkedInWill update later
Kyle G. HranickySenior EVP, CEO of Commercial BankingLinkedInWill update later
Bei LingHead of Human ResourcesLinkedInWill update later
Mary T. MackSenior EVP, CEO of Consumer & Small Business BankingLinkedInWill update later
Lester J. OwensSenior EVP, Head of OperationsLinkedInWill update later
Ellen R. PattersonSenior EVP, General CounselLinkedInWill update later
Scott E. PowellSenior EVP, Chief Operating OfficerLinkedInWill update later
Paul RicciSenior EVP, Chief Auditor, Internal AuditLinkedInWill update later
Michael P. SantomassimoSenior EVP, Chief Financial OfficerLinkedInWill update later
Kleber R. SantosSenior EVP, CEO of Consumer Lending and Head of Diverse Segments, Representation & InclusionLinkedInWill update later
Charles W. ScharfChief Executive Officer, and PresidentLinkedInWill update later
Barry SommersSenior EVP, CEO of Wealth & Investment ManagementLinkedInWill update later
Saul Van BeurdenSenior EVP, Head of TechnologyLinkedInWill update later
Jonathan G. Weiss Senior EVP, CEO of Corporate & Investment BankingLinkedInWill update later
Ather Williams IIISenior EVP, Head of Strategy, Digital, and InnovationLinkedInWill update later

Board Of Director

To run smoothly, Wells Fargo relies on a large board of directors. They come from a wide variety of companies.

Name PositionCompanyEmail
Steven D. BlackChairmanWells FargoWill update later
Richard K. Davis, President and CEOMake-A-Wish AmericaWill update later
Wayne M. Hewett, Senior Advisor, Permira, and ChairmanDiversiTech CorporationWill update later
Felicia F. Norwood, Executive Vice President, and PresidentGovernment Business Division, Anthem, Inc.Will update later
Charles W. Scharf, Will update laterChief Executive Officer and PresidentWill update later

Subsidiaries and Affiliates 

When Wells Fargo Bank needed a parent company, Wells Fargo & Company was a natural choice. Their many spinoffs since then include-

NameCompany TypeEmailPhone
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Multinational financial services companysteve.huddleston@wellsfargo.com1-800-869-3557
Wells Fargo RailRailcar and locomotive leasingwfraccountservices@wellsfargo.com1-844-459-9664
Wells Fargo SecuritiesInvestment banking firmWill update later1-800-872-3377
WachoviaFinancial holding companysocialmedia@wellsfargo.com1-800-869-3557
First UnionBank holding companycontact@firstunionja.com.0800 863 477
CoreStates FinancialBank holding companyWill update later2159733806

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Well Fargo Do With Your Personal Information?

No co-marketing efforts are made by Wells Fargo. Defaults on your account(s), such as missing payments, late payments, or any other kind of default, may show up in your credit report and/or consumer report.

What Is Bank Legal Department?

The legal function of a Bank is to ensure proper due diligence and documentation in furthering the business of the Bank and taking care of all consumer cases as well as recovery of all NPAs

What Is the Purpose of a Legal Department?

Legal departments are responsible for ensuring a company’s actions are legal and compliant. Opinions are more divided, however, when it comes to assessing their contribution to a company’s performance. Lawyers are still seen as fussy people, a potential hindrance to business.

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  1. I was notified of a fraudulent wire transfer and immediately called Wells Fargo to cancel the wire transfer. When I called I asked the representative if the transfer was pending or had gone through and was told it was still pending. While on the phone I was also on my Wells Fargo checking account and I could see that all my money was still there, so I knew it hadn’t gone through. I immediately said “I want the wire transfer cancelled.” The representative didn’t stop the transfer, and didn’t put a lock on my account while they investigated, instead kept asking me questions about the fraudulent actions for over an hour. I assumed that they representative had stopped the transfer, but at the end of the call, or near the end, the representative told me that the transfer went through. I filed a case with Wells Fargo Fraud department (280756366) to have the fraudulent transfer looked into, and a case with Wells Fargo Executive Office (080423-2EF1A585C18A) to have the audio tapes reviewed. During a phone call with Wells Fargo Executive Office Representative Maricon K she confirmed that she heard me being told the transfer was pending, and then immediately heard me ask for the transfer to be cancelled.
    I received notification that the fraud case was unable to recover the money, and that it was my responsibility, so I would not be getting my money back. I received notification that the audio tapes show that the wire was pending, and me asking for it to be cancelled. The representative kept me on the phone for over an hour, and during that time the transfer was completed. As I stated above, at the beginning of the phone call I was also on my Wells Fargo checking account and I could see that all of my money was still there, so I knew it hadn’t gone through. Wells Fargo is taking no responsibility for their representative not stopping the transfer or even locking my account while they investigated. They are claiming that it is all my responsibility.
    I have called Wells Fargo Executive Office multiple times trying to get information. Sadly, I have only been able to speak to Maricon K once. I have asked for supervisors/managers Ronald and Randel to call me back several time, noted in my case, and have NEVER received one call. Today, 8/21/23, I called and was told that both Ronald and Randel were unavailable and that supervisor/Manager Grace would be calling me back. Needless-to-say, I never received a gall from Grace either.

    • $7,949.41 was taken out of my checking and savings account on 1/20/2024. I spent over 4 hours on the phone filing claims and whatnot. No one has yet to ask me for any documentation or evidence that the have that pertains to this case. I was told today that my claim was denied and I am just out $8k. I am a single mother of two and this was my entire life savings. I have contacted an attorney and will not rest until I get my money back from these thieves. Wells Fargo needs to be shut down and all BOD investigated and locked up. This is criminal activity and I personally will not let them get away with this.

  2. Wells Fargo Personnel must be about the dumbest people on the planet.

    After a 36 month divorce, contempt complaint against my ex, and finally a divorce settlement (family home awarded to me). My ex was forced to signed a quit claim deed on the family home. However, now being so far in arrearage, I no longer qualified to refinance the home. Ex forces bankruptcy, kids and I lose equity in the home. Wells Fargo sells home puts excess proceeds in check with both of our names. Ex got to keep her retirement in exchange that I get the house. However, she forced bankruptcy of family home, I should get equalizing judgement! Stupid Wells Fargo puts a check in Mine and her name. She signed a quit claim, she has no interest in the home. In an equalizing judgement she owes me $138500. Plus 1/2 the check Wells Fargo put in her name. Over $140,000. plus interest. She has $1.4 million cash in the bank.

    F U Wells Fargo. Back to court we go because of your ignorance!


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