What Is the Emirates CEO’s Email Address?

Emirates is a renowned airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates a fleet of modern, wide-body aircraft that includes both Boeing and Airbus planes. This airline is famous for its high-quality in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and excellent customer service.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the Chief Executive Officer of Emirates. If you need to contact the Emirates CEO, his email, sheikh.ahmed@emirates.com, is publicly available.

Email is an ideal channel for directly sharing your concerns or inquiries with him. However, if you prefer traditional mail, you can send your queries to the Emirates headquarters at Emirates, P. O. Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This guide will reveal various methods of contacting the Emirates CEO. So, keep reading!

Who Is The CEO of Emirates?

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the CEO of Emirates. Mr. Sheikh Ahmed bin is the big name behind Emirates Airlines & Group. He started his journey in aviation back in 1985, working with the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation. 

Under Sheikh Ahmed’s leadership, Emirates has grown into a top global airline. It’s known for winning awards and now flies to over 150 places worldwide, covering six continents. Impressively, Emirates has been making profits for the past 30 years, which is quite rare in the airline industry.

How Can I Contact The Emirates CEO?

If you need to get in touch with the Emirates CEO, you can follow the easy ways below:

Email: The quickest way of reaching out to the Emirates CEO is to send an email. Write a brief and polite email to sheikh.ahmed@emirates.com, the CEO’s official email address.

Social Media: If the email doesn’t get you a response, you can try to reach him out on social media. LinkedIn and Twitter are good platforms to engage with or send a direct message to the CEO if he is active on these platforms.

● Phone Call: Call the Emirates corporate office hotline for a more direct approach. Once connected to the headquarters representative, ask if you can speak to the CEO.

Traditional Mail: You can also write a letter to the CEO at his postal address. Send it to the Emirates headquarters address at Emirates, P. O. Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Is the Emirates CEO’s Email ID Publicly Available?

Yes, the email address of Emirates CEO Sheikh Ahmed is accessible to the public. For correspondence, you can use the email address sheikh.ahmed@emirates.com. The CEO team typically responds to emails concerning urgent or significant matters.

Is Emirates CEO’s Phone Number Publicly Available?

No, the personal phone number of Emirates CEO is not publicly available. However, the CEO’s email or Emirates headquarters customer support number is a reliable alternative.

Emirates CEO Postal Address

The postal address for the Emirates CEO is the same as the corporate office’s address. If you prefer, send a letter at the address, Emirates, P. O. Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Emirates CEO Social Media Accounts

Social media provides another avenue to connect with corporate leaders like Emirates CEO. After conducting thorough research, we found the CEO’s Bloomberg profile details. 

How Do I Contact the Emirates Corporate Office?

Emirates corporate office address is Emirates, P. O. Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To contact the airline’s customer support team, you can call +971 600 555555.  

Emirates Executive Team Contact Details

Emirates’ executive team plays a crucial role in leading the company’s strategies and operations. Some of the executive team members are:

Sir Tim Clark – President, Emirates Airline 

Adnan Kazim – Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Airline

Adel Ahmad Al Redha – Chief Operating Officer (COO), Emirates Airline

Michael Doersam – Chief Financial Officer, Emirates Group

Ali Mubarak Al Soori – EVP – Chairman’s Office, Facilities/Projects Management and P&L


Where is the Emirates corporate office located?

The Emirates Group headquarters is located at the Emirates Group Headquarters Building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Who is the current CEO of Emirates?

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the Chief Executive Officer of Emirates. He plays a pivotal role in the airline’s strategy and operations.

What is the contact number for Emirates?

The contact number for Emirates can vary based on your location. Their global customer support contact number is +971 600 555555 for general inquiries.

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