Family Dollar Headquarters & Corporate Office, Phone Number, Email Address

The USA-based variety store chain Family Dollar Inc. was America’s second-largest retailer until 2015. In 2015 Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Family Dollar specializes in convenience and value-based products.

The address of Family Dollar Corporate Office is 10401 Monroe Rd Matthews, North Carolina, 28105, USA. Howard R Levine is currently leading this company as its Chief Executive Officer. To complain about the company’s product or services or to solve any issue, call the customer care team at 844 – 636 – 7687 or +1 704 847 6961.

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Overall Information Of Family Dollar Headquarters

Headquarters 10401 Monroe Rd Matthews, North Carolina, 28105, USA
Founding Year1959
Founding Place Charlotte, North Carolina
Founders Name Leon Levine
Contact Number 844 – 636 – 7687 or +1 704 847 6961
Fax+1 704 847 5534
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Family Dollar CEO Howard R Levine Details

Family Dollar Store Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer is Howard R Levine. He has been leading the company as the CEO for seven years. And for nine years, Mr. Levine has served the company.  Under Levine’s leadership, Family Dollar has experienced enormous growth.

The CEO’s email address and phone number are publicly unavailable. So if you want to share your thoughts or comments, call Family Dollar’s customer service team at 844 – 636 – 7687 or +1 704 847 6961.

If your luck favors you will get the chance to communicate with the CEO. To know more about Levine, we recommend you check his Bloomberg profile.

Family Dollar Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Howard Levine Chief Executive Officer & PresidentBloomberg
Eunice IbamaHead CashierLinkedIn
Robert FrancoRegional Vice PresidentN/A
Earl Bonnecaze Vice President, OperationsLinkedIn
Raina AvalonVice President, TransportationLinkedIn
Randall Decker Vice President, Merchandise PlanningLinkedIn
Pamela KohnChief Merchandising & Marketing Officer N/A
Tina Gunter Divisional Vice President, Global SourcingLinkedIn
David McDonald Regional Vice PresidentN/A
Tania Phillips Regional Vice PresidentLinkedIn

Family Dollar Corporate Office HR, Media & Financial Contact Details

Family Dollar Inc.’s online survey lets you share your comments and questions. If you want to communicate with the HR, Media, or Financial department team specifically, check the information below:

  • HR Contact: Call the toll-free number (866) 377 – 6420 to connect with Family Dollar’s HR team.
  • Media Contact: Family Dollar’s press or media team number is unavailable. So if you have any media-related questions, contact the headquarters customer support team at 844 – 636 – 7687.
  • Financial Department Contact: If you have a question about returned checks or financial issues, call 1 – 800 – 366 – 2425.

Family Dollar Board Of Directors

Dollar Tree, INC. and Family Dollar Inc.’s Board of Directors focus on the best capital-use strategies. The Board also emphasizes on maximizing the shareholder’s value. Most importantly, the Board is committed to ensuring the perfect mixture of experiences, skills, and diversity.

However, the members holding the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Inc.’s Board membership are:

  • Rick Dreiling
  • Cheryl W. Grise
  • Thomas W. Dickson
  • Daniel J. Heinrich
  • Mary A. Laschinger
  • Paul C. Hilal
  • Jeffrey G. Naylor
  • Edward J. Kelly III
  • Bertram L. Scott
  • Winnie Y. Park
  • Stephanie P. Stahl

Family Dollar Stores Locations In The USA

Across the USA all states, Family Dollar operates with over 8,000 locations except in Hawaii and Alaska. Now check out some of the shop location details of Family Dollar.

Store No.Street AddressCity NameState NameZip Code
12505206 Greensboro Street Eutaw Alabama 35462
8919P O Box 308Moundville Alabama 35474
111351550 Pine Street ArkadelphiaArkansas 71923
43782001 W Main St BlythevilleArkansas 72315 – 3033 
4127103 Highway 45 N Aberdeen Mississippi39730 – 2305 
3246116 Highway 51 NBatesville Mississippi38606 – 2347 
108191022 Coteau Rodaire HighwayArnaudville Louisiana 70512
849620 S State STClarksdaleMississippi38614 – 6322
10798306 E. Main Street Adamsville Tennessee38310 – 2318 
3514222 Clinton BlvdClintonMississippi39056 – 5126 
10605605 E Main Street Brownsville Tennessee 38012 – 2627 
906232 Bolton Ave Alexandria Louisiana 71301 – 7126 
6150 1714 E Madison Ave BastropLouisiana 71220 – 4032 
10410 205 E Speedway Street Dermott Arkansas71638 
10460 2515 Martin Luther King JR BlvTuscaloosa Alabama 35401 


Who is the CEO of Family Dollar Corporation?

Family Dollar’s Chief Executive Officer is Howard Levine.

Where is the corporate office for Family Dollar?

Family Dollar corporate office’s location is in Charlotte, NC.

Who owns Family Dollar?

The American multi-price point chain company Dollar Tree, Inc., owns Family Dollar.

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  1. You need someone in your New York office to come to the Main street store and kick some serious ass ! The store is a wreck and smells horrible,employees on smoke break,dirty uniforms and unkempt

  2. I don’t know who I need to speak with but I’m very unhappy with our treatment at one of your locations. Your manager is horrible and needs to be represented my wife went last night to Frankfort Ohio location she or the checker forgot a bag She tried calling. No answer so went down on. Sunday afternoon thought easy in and out retrieve the bag be on our way. Well no my wife was in there 20 mins comes back out very distraught and ask if I’ll come in I walked in and we found this girl sloppy dressed on the phone and being unprofessional. She started a loud conversation with my wife and I C ask both to calm down but in my option she’s in the right to get her items or money back had receipt in her hand we could honestly afford to just let it go but it’s not right and I expect some one to make it that way.

  3. Why is there a lack of concern for your employees safety and health you have a store manager working over 100 hours per week his district manager and hr rep person show no concerns when he ask for relief and or help he run a very clean store in fact cleanest family dollar / dollar tree combo in that man district as a past DM from Dollar General now retired can not understand this total lack of concern he has a DM and RD that allows this to take place he has had very little assistance from his dm his excuse is he too busy he has 23 other store yet he has only visited this store 4 times since it opening and one of those was the second day after was operational to finally bring petty cash so they could take cash for sales How is he to do proper banking getting of change when he has no other management staff to leave building to buy change and when he contacts higher up they say figure it out I have other stores to run I am very concerned about the health and welfare of this manager I know they are salary paid but I believe your salary is based on a 52 hour work week I belive you are opening yourself up for possible repercussions in many ways if this employee get hurt cause of auto accident to snd from work cause over tired and falls asleep at the wheel and pay remuneration for number of hours worked I am writing this cause this manager is my son and your company is grossly taken advantage of him as a previous DM I assist my store Mgr when we had to let other assistant mgrs go (no longer in our employment) from other store with in my district even if I had to pay overtime to at least cover 4 to five shifts a week to give that Mgr some time off and I even had to temporarily adjust store hours of operation to help as well This needs to be addressed ASAP. This store is in Freeport Fl. please help asap. You have no other way to contact your corp office so hence this comment

  4. I am very unhappy on how things are at the store in orangeburg South Carolina at 2755 old Edisto drive with way they are scheduling the employees all the managers gets ours and only the coworkers get 18 or 20 hours if they are lucky and if a manger doesn’t like you they take you off the schedule with no explanation but the labor is low which doesn’t makes sense I been working in retail for over 12 years and I have never been treated so unfairly in my life customer service is horrible because the manager Velma talks to the store manager recklessly and she treats the employees horrible and customers but the store manager doesn’t say anything or correct the situation I have a autistic child that needs to taking care of and I been off the schedule for a week and only worked two day or one day that’s not living if they want to fire jus say that not treat me like I’m a dog only time I come in is on truck day and that’s two days and I’m at this point I’m will to sue family dollars for the negligence at this store

  5. I was stopped at the store number 073 798, 3428 Bonnieview Rd. in Dallas Texas. The associate there was extremely rude gave me the wrong things I pay for water that cost $1.70 she charge me 180 I gave her two dollars and she wants he didn’t give me all of my change that every time I go there she’s always very bored and she has a pocket full of changes. She hands change back if she feels like it slim light skin, female I believe she may be a supervisor there.

  6. Family Dollar located in Hale Center, TX is very unprofessional and do not treat their customers fairly. One of the workers their got me kicked out and filed a no trespassing charge because she doesn’t like me and the manager agreed to it. We got into an argument and she asked me to leave. I didn’t threaten her, I did not destroy property, I did not even get close to her and she called the police. She is always on her phone at the counter while people are checking out, very unprofessional. The manager there is also unprofessional. She is also always on the phone while customers are at the counter. Another thing, their products are ALWAYS expired. I’m not talking months but years back. Its disgusting how that store is ran and their needs to be some changes made. I am going to fight the no trespassing charge because I think it was unfair and not legally done right.


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