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The American trailer, self-storage, and moving truck Rental Company U-Haul is based in Phoenix, AZ. Many U-Haul dealerships also provide packing supplies, a trailer hitch, moving boxes, LPG refill, and other services. Over time the company’s functionality is gracefully expanding.

The U-Haul corporate office is at 2727 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA. The company’s current CEO is Edward J. Joe Shoen. Contact 1 – 800 – GO – U – HAUL or (1 – 800 – 468 – 4285) for emergency support.

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Overall Information Of U-Haul Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 2727 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA
Founding Year1945
Founding Place Ridgefield, Washington
Founders Name Leonard Shoen & Anna Mary Carty Shoen
Contact Number 1 – 800 – GO – U – HAUL or (1 – 800 – 468 – 4285)
Website https://www.uhaul.com/ 
Facebook U-Haul Facebook
Twitter U-Haul Twitter
YouTubeU-Haul YouTube
Instagram U-Haul Instagram
LinkedIn U-Haul LinkedIn
PinterestU-Haul Pinterest

All Other Contact Details Of the U-Haul Corporate Office

Check all the contact information below:

  • Retail Web Orders: 1 – 866 – 277 – 6855
  • Used Trucks for Sale: 1 – 866 – 404 – 0355
  • Corporate Sales: 1 – 800 – 528 – 6042
  • Storage Reservations & Existing Customers: 1 – 800 – 468 – 4285
  • Propane & Grilling: propane@uhaul.com  
  • MovingHelp.com Support: support@movinghelp.com
  • Military Moves: militarymove@uhaul.com 

U-Haul CEO Email Address

Edward J. Joe Shoen is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of U-Haul International. He is an American businessman. If you want to contact U-Haul’s CEO, email him at his professional email address.

The U-Haul CEO’s email addresses are joe@uhaul.com and joe_shoen@uhaul.com. If you have any major unsolved issues that the customer care team failed to solve, then email the CEO.

There is no guarantee that you will get a reply. However, by visiting his Bloomberg profile, you can learn more about him.

U-Haul Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Edward J. Joe ShoenChief Executive Officer & PresidentBloomberg
Joe Hemauer Vice President, MarketingLinkedIn
Elaine PowersExecutiveLinkedIn
Jeremy Frank Executive Vice PresidentLinkedIn
Sebastien Reyes Vice President, CommunicationsLinkedIn
Diana Brockhagen Executive Wellness DirectorLinkedIn
Matthew BracciaVice President, Real EstateBloomberg
Gargi Mishra Chief Innovation OfficerLinkedIn
Mary Gilbaugh – Thompson Chief Accounting OfficerLinkedIn
Bob Willson Executive Vice President, Field OperationsLinkedIn

U-Haul Corporate Office HR, IR & Media Contact Details

  • HR Contact: To obtain the job opening information, call U-Haul’s HR or customer care team at 1 – 800 – 468 – 4285. 
  • Investor Relations Contact: If you have any investment or financial-related inquiries, email IR@uhaul.com to contact U-Haul’s IR team.
  • Media Contact: Journalists or media team members who want to know about the U-Haul facilities or retail items, rental equipment, etc., use the information below:
Direct Phone Number 602 – 263 – 6194 
Fax 602 – 263 – 6772 
Toll-Free Phone Number800 – 528 – 0361 

U-Haul Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of U-Haul monitors the company and its executive team’s activities. Also, the Board is responsible for upholding the company’s shareholder’s interest. The board members who are successfully doing this duty are:

  • Edward J. Shoen
  • John P. Brogan
  • James E. Acridge
  • Karl A. Schmidt
  • Samuel J. Shoen
  • James J. Grogan
  • Roberta “Sissie” Roberts Shank
  • Richard J. Herrera

U-Haul Corporate Office Branches In The USA

U-Haul has a vast network. It operates in 50 states of the USA in more than 21,000 locations. Also, in 10 Canadian Provinces, U-Haul has offices. Some of the branches’ addresses are: 

  • New York: (Address: East River Realty Company, LLC, 9 W 57th St Fl 31
  • Phoenix: (Address: 2727 N Central Ave, Phoenix)
  • Arcadia: (Address: 224 Gap Farm Rd, Arcadia, LA 71001)
  • Minden: (Address: 1380 Homer Rd, Minden, LA 71055)
  • Grambling: (Address: 520 Main St, Grambling, LA 71245)
  • Huntsville: (Address: 2931 State Hwy TX 19, Huntsville, TX 77320)
  • Milton: (Address: 6075 Dogwood Dr, Milton, FL 32570
  • Brewton: (Address: 2621 S Blvd, Brewton, AL 36426)
  • Washington: (Address: 1501 S Capitol St SW, Washington, DC 20003)
  • Oxon Hill: (Address: 4453 Wheeler Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745)
  • Chillicothe: (Address: 2969 State Route 772, Chillicothe, OH 45601)
  • Bournville: (Address: 11342 US Rte 50, Bournville, OH 45617)
  • Piketon: (Address: 946 Wakefield Mound Rd, Piketon, OH 45661)


Who is the CEO of U-Haul?

U-Haul International’s Chief Executive Officer is Edward Joseph Shoen.

What is the 800 number for U-Haul in Florida?

The U-Haul contact number in Florida is 1 – 800 – GO – U – HAUL or (1 – 800 – 468 – 4285).

How many U-Haul locations are there?

In 50 states of the USA and 10 provinces of Canada, U-Haul has more than 21,000 office locations.

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  1. To Whom it May Concern:

    My name is Deborah D Staine. I am 54 years old, disabled, wheelchair bound, and a long term patient.
    In March 2022 I was told the place that I resided for nine years was sold and I had to leave. I started putting things from my living room into Uboxes with the hopes that I would find a new home. But because of the price gorging of rentals going on in Florida I could not find a new resident that fit my low income that I received from disability. I became homeless for the first time in my life, and it wasn’t because I didn’t pay my bills.

    So I had no choice since I had to leave the house but to put everything that I ever own in my life and everything that my kids ever owned in their lives into storage. The most expensive things that I had went to UHaul in UBoxes which contained all the things from my living room, dining room, and my bedroom. But because UBoxes’s don’t hold much I had to hired a moving company for the other rooms in the house. Those items are stored at Value Storage because the moving company put them there. My less expensive items were put in Value Storage. When it was apparent that I would have to end up paying more money for the Uboxes than actually renting a unit I had to decide to put my things into a unit, but I did not have the money at the time to do it, because it wasn’t that time of the month for me to receive my disability.

    So a cousin of mine‘s helped me out and she open the account so that I could get the 4 Uboxes emptied and place my items into storage. I never saw the unit until the day I had to empty the UBoxes. I needed help with moving the items from the UBoxes into the storage unit. I had utilize a mover from movinghelp.com to fill two of the U boxes, so I called him to help me with unloading the UBoxes. When I got to the UHaul facility in Margate, I cried when I saw the disgusting unit that was available for me to put my items into, but I had no control because I had no money. I also didn’t want to be ungrateful for the help that I received from my cousin. I did ask if I can get an air condition unit that wasn’t so far in the back, especially since I am wheelchair-bound, and the unit was so stink. I was told that they was none there or at any other location. I was so surprised at the condition of the unit that UHaul was renting to me. UHaul is a prestigious name a company that’s been operating for so long and I held them high on a pedestal that they did not deserve, but at that point, I had no choice but to put my items from the Ubox into the unit before a certain time of the day came and I would be charged for the Uboxes.

    The unit number 2486 in the Margate location was was clean but had a horrible stench. It was not in a condition for renting. The horrible odor that lingered from the previous tenant was nauseating. So much that it left a taste in my mouth. Then the patches on the ceiling presented itself to me as a problem for leakage. Worse presentation were the big rat traps which clearly indicated that there was a rodent issue. To me this advertised we have rats but it’s OK if they’re in your unit because there’s traps here and the traps are going to be a guarantee that they will not gnaw on your items or get into your things or defecate on your belongings. Also outside of the unit there were actually rat droppings and what looked like feces from a cat.

    Well, time was running out so all of the 4 Uboxes were emptied and placed into the unit. The unit was totally full to the top. There was not even enough space to walk inside the unit. My cousin, who originally open the account paid the bill for an entire year and then I took over. I didn’t visit the unit much because I thought my things were safe. But it did bother me that the horrific odor was seeping into my belongings. I was also worried about the moisture from my things being in a non AC unit. My furniture was getting moldy and warped. I did ask several times if there were any AC storage units available but I was always told no. I was trying to eliminate and make space in the storage space at the value storage because their facility is cleaner, safer, and free from disgusting smells. I have an air conditioner unit at Value Storage. It’s costing me $700. 00 a month to pay for both storage and I only get $1000. 00 a month from Social Security.

    I am a long term patient so I receive care from a Nurse Aide with daily activities. In December 2022 an ex Nurse Aide extended the help of her family member named Yvon to take me to the storage unit to get some things. It would be Christmas soon and I was feeling out of place in the place that I’m residing. So just to give me a little bit of norm after everything that was happening to me since I had become homeless I wanted to get some Christmas decorations out of storage.

    While I was getting the things I wanted out of the unit I saw how damage my furniture was becoming from the moisture. The furniture was warped and had mold. There was also a new infestation of very fine tiny ants everywhere I even picked up one of my printers with intentions of bringing it, but I had to put it back, because ants were running in and out of the printer. There was rat feces in the unit. There was rat gnaw markings throughout the unit. The rats were gnawing on my things. I felt sick to my stomach. This is what I am paying for every month? I am literally paying UHaul to ruin my belongings. I was angry but what could I do because I have no money to fix the problem. I could not physically move my things from the unit, I cannot put it in the place that I’m residing because I don’t have money to pay movers, and they never have any other units available. I did call the office, explain about the condition of my unit, and asked to speak to the manager only to be told once again that she wasn’t available.

    I wasn’t persistent enough because of my health, money, and the fact that I was always told they have no AC unit in the size that I needed. Whenever I spoke to someone on the phone I did tell them of the condition of the unit. The fact that I didn’t like the location of the unit because it was very difficult for me to get back there with my wheelchair. I didn’t like that area because I felt unsafe going back there in my wheelchair and what if something happened to me while I was back there. I didn’t like the way the ceiling was patched up which symbolize to me that there was a possibility of leakage. I didn’t like that there was feces from rats and visible signs of gnawing from the rats. I didn’t want my things out in the heat because I knew that the moisture would damage my furniture. I was worried that when I finally found a place to call home would there even be anything salvageable. I know I didn’t have money to fix the situation and if I complained too much I knew the solution would be to move to another unit at my expense, and not even a guarantee to get an air conditioning unit.

    In January 2023 I had an accident at in the place that I reside and had to have hip surgery and that put me out of commission for a while so I had not been to either storage units. Then just when I thought I was healing well I had another accident in the place where I reside and had to have surgery on the same hip again so that put me out of commission again for a while. All the while it was weighing on my mind, and it bothered me that the most expensive things that I ever owned in my life were sitting in that horrible, stinking, rodent, ant infestation unit. But physically because of having surgery not once but twice on my hip, I could not physically do anything about it. Even if I had not been in that medical condition, I still did not have enough money to move my things out neither do I have a place to put my things if I took them out of storage.

    Then on Tuesday, October 23 I get a call from UHaul I missed it but I called back once I noticed. I was informed that my unit had been broken into. I was informed that the lock was cut and I was also informed that the incident occurred on Monday during non-business hours. I asked the manager to take a picture and show me the unit. I had pain in my chest and was crying so much. I couldn’t breathe properly. I was having an anxiety attack because I saw from the picture there was absolutely nothing basically left in my unit. It looked trashed. How? There was no way with the amount of things I had that this happened in a couple of hours on Monday. I asked if there’s footage of anyone moving my thing I was informed that there were no cameras in that area. I always thought there were cameras everywhere. I thought that UHaul had that in place so that they can monitor the entire grounds since they are in the business of securing people’s property.

    Also if there is a walk thru every night and each unit is checked for security where is the log? What was done at my unit had to take days and the lock was on the floor inside the back of the unit therefore that unit had to be without a lock for a long time. Also if the lock was inside the unit underneath all the trash how did they know the lock was cut? Where is the footage from the front that shows people moving out? Where is the activity especially with them moving a bright red washer and dryer? Why was it only my unit that was broken into? Why wasn’t the 2nd authorized person on my account contacted and informed? Why do UHaul advertise that they securely secure valuables when they don’t? Why when a vehicle enter the gate there’s not an automatic closer? The gate lingers open long enough for anyone to walk in once a car enters. Then the over grown trees that are in the back blocks the accurate viewing of the area for security purposes.

    I then was told by the Manager that I would have to file a police report. I did. The police also contacted the manager. She texted me his info. Then I didn’t like the reaction I was getting which was basically you have been robbed while we were securing your items but it is what is is. So I then called the president of the company thinking I would get a better solution/response to the issue. Only to be told that it is only material things at least I have my life. To be told that things can be replaced. Seriously it’s storing material things of others that she lives on and is the core reason why UHaul exists? She then informed me I also needed to file a claim. Which I didn’t know & wasn’t even told this from the Manager. I am the victim not the criminal. This situation is not routine for me. I was and I am feeling vulnerable, anxious, violated, nervous, scared, and tense after being told I have been robbed while a reputable company was securing my most treasured and most expensive items. Most of which are irreplaceable.

    My daughter then goes to the facility to see if she can access the damage and see what’s missing only to be informed that she is not authorized on my account not even to speak to the officer. I am disabled and in a wheelchair recovering from having hip surgery twice this year so I couldn’t go. Also I live in a building with no elevator so I am stuck. I don’t drive or have a vehicle. So I couldn’t go to the facility. I then made an arrangements with TOPS transportation to go the next day not even knowing if I can physically get down the stairs. When leaving the hospital the fire department had to bring me upstairs. I haven’t been outside since. I informed the manager that I will attempt to go to the office. She tells me they will make arrangements with a moving company to go threw what is left so I can see what has been stolen and to put into another unit anything worth keeping.

    I didn’t sleep all night. I was literally sick to my stomach. Throwing up and having diarrhea. Shaking, worried, scared, crying, and anxious. That is how bad my nerves was and still is. When TOPS came it was even worse because I had to figure out how to get downstairs. I eventually had to ask my daughter to ask the handyman to help get me downstairs because TOPS is not allowed to. It took a very long time but I did it. When I got to the unit I got a better reception than the previous day. But when I saw what was left in the unit it was horrified. The knots increased and I literally felt faint while sitting down. The unit was trashed and every single box was opened & empty. I could tell that nothing of real value was left. I was renting that horrible 10 x 15 outside unit for $247.52 a month. Now they move what I had left which is almost nothing to a AC unit inside for $224.95. Why so much when the majority of my things are gone?

    This job took days and I don’t believe it only happened on Monday. First of all it would’ve taken long for them to cut through the lock and to cut the latch that couldn’t happen right away. They took time to go through the DVDs and decide which ones they like and which ones they did not like. They left behind the ones that they didn’t wanna see. They took all my pocketbooks except one I’m assuming because they did not like the style. They took all my Wii games, except for one why leave one behind they opened it, but they left it behind. They stole one DS but left two DS and I’m assuming it was because the one they took was black and the other two were pink. They went through my clothing and took everything except for a 7 pieces so they took the time to decided that they did not like those particular style of clothing. The washing machine and dryer was new but I had removed it from its original box. I never remove the plastic and the styrofoam from around the washing machine and dryer, but they took the time to remove the plastic and the styrofoam before they took the washing machine and dryer. They stole all of one of my daughters pictures, but left all of another one of my daughters pictures like they preferred one daughter better than the other that time to go through pictures and decide what pictures you’re going to take. Everything that the didn’t want they just threw in a pile on the floor even pictures.

    These are all the items that were stolen:

    Red Washing Machine and Dryer

    1 portable AC

    My original Apple products The 1st IPad , The 1st IPod , my HP/Apple IPod, 2 Nano’s my 1st Apple phone

    My 1st IBM Laptop, a Gateway Laptop they left the cord, a HP Laptop & a HP Tablet

    1 All in One Computer

    A Wii & all the Games at least 23 they left 1

    All the accessories for the Wii like a tennis rack, exercise mat etc

    1 DVD Player

    1 VHS Player

    1 Video/DVD Converter

    Lots of DVD’s too many to count they went thru the DVD’s & took what they wanted

    1 Recliner and left 1 Recliner

    3 Printers 2 HP & 1 Canon

    1 Small Computer Desk that had my Mac computer cords among other cords and my Mac keyboard and mouse & lots of offices supplies like tape, paper clips, push pins, pens, pencils, glue etc

    1 21 inch TV they left 1 but the took the 2 Amazon sticks out of the TV’s

    2 Amazon Tablets

    2 American Girls Dolls Felicity and Samatha
    left all the Disney Dolls

    3 Twilight Dolls in their original boxes never opened. They open them. It us very difficult to get dolls out of boxes.

    1 Twilight limited edition book collection

    A 30 Gallon bag with all my kids Teddy Bears

    All of 1 of my daughters clothing and several shoes and bags belonging to her

    Both of my kids HS Diplomas

    Frame pictures of me as a teenager and a lot of my children childhood framed photos

    7 JanSport Napsack which where full with all my college books from each semester when I attended Broward College

    All my art supplies, art easel, paints, markers, gel pens, sketch pencils, they even stole my artwork.

    1 Shark Vac Mop

    1 Full Photography Studio equipment

    2 new shoes 1 sneakers & 1 sandals

    2 Electric blankets

    1 Dehumidifier

    Set of 3 Honeywell Humidifiers

    3 Camcorders 1 a Canon which they left the cord for it

    A bags of 7 different styles of cameras that I had from the 80’s until present mostly Kodak

    Various cell phones that me and my kids had over the years even the 1st huge cell phone that I brought when people stop using beepers

    My beeper

    4 Alexa Speakers I can see if maybe Amazon can track them down

    2 set of Speakers with Subwoofer a Panasonic and a Sony

    1 RCA stereo with remote

    1 LG surround sound with 4 speakers, subwoofer, and DVD player

    A box fulled with the cords for my electronics

    A box fulled with all my remote controls

    1 suitcase filled with all my daughters childhood memories like 1st tooth, 1st haircut, 1st shoes school projects from K to HS

    1 DS and several games but they left 2 DS

    They took all of only 1 of my daughter’s graduation pictures but left all of 1 of my other daughters graduation pictures

    I had a 6 draw scrapbooking container filled with Family Pictures taken over the years the outer frame was there but the drawers were all gone along with the pictures

    Several 11 x 12 Pictures of my children taken out of their individual storage boxes and the boxes were left empty

    4 Michael Kors crossbody 1 black, 1 signature navy, 1 cream, and 1 black evening bag

    2 Micheal Kors wallets black and signature navy

    A Beige Signature Michael Kors set that included a tote, a large crossbody, a wallet which I never used

    1 small & very old Louise Vutton purse that I received for my 18th Birthday

    All my Fenty Makeup which were in 4 separate 12oz storage boxes

    My perfume collection which included Victoria Secret body set, Lots of Bath an Body Work set, Juicy Couture, Spring Flowers from Creed, Versace, Prada, and loads of other toiletries

    24 months worth of Boxy subscription that were full & never used

    A record player & the matching storage box filled with records

    All my expensive linen
    4 full size sheet sets and 8 Twin sheet sets and 20 set of towels each set including a wash cloth, hand towels, & towels

    6 mattresses pads

    2 Feather beds they left 1

    6 quilts 4 twin size & 2 full size,
    6 comforters 4 Twin size & 2 Full, &
    8 Duvet sets with matching pillow cases

    My Lenox dishes a 12 piece China set it took me years of saving & buying each setting every year until I completed the set

    My Mikasa Christmas China

    A set of expensive China that I used for Easter

    A custom made floral arrangement with a mirrored vase

    1 exercise bike that was new & never used

    All my exercise equipment which were all in 1 bag which included my weight set, a yoga set with the mat & DVD with instructions,

    1 iron, 1 steamer, 1 over the door ironing board

    2 8 x 10 area rugs with matching runners

    2 bar stools

    1 cherry wood bookcase they left 1

    1 brass standing lamp with shade

    1 Cherry wood Console table with a matching mirror & 2 candle holders & a floral centerpiece

    A small wall Grandfather clock they left the key to whine the clock it was passed down from my Grandmother

    A full length body mirror

    A small vanity set with a bench

    A ITunes alarm clock with a port for my IPod

    A boombox with a CD player

    So many CD’s too many to count they took the time to pick their preference. CD’s that I collected since CD’s became available.

    1 Cricut with all the accessories

    Several Scrapbooking kits

    Lots of scrapbooking papers

    5 piece hurricane candlestick holders

    12 piece candles with remote control

    All my Christmas ornaments, tree skirt, a star, a very expensive Nativity set, a 4ft and a 7ft tree

    1 Lighted Wreaths & 4 Lighted Garlands they left 1 lighted Wreath

    A grocery shopping cart

    All the clothes I had I have nothing now except 4 leggings and a 6 tops

    Of course this is a list of what I remember packing but I won’t really know the extent of exactly what has been stolen until I can throughly go thru all of my belongings that are in both storages.

    This shouldn’t have happened. I trusted for UHaul to secure my things until I could secure a home. I still can’t believe this happened. Why aren’t there any cameras in the back? You have storage in the back! In this age of technology people can install cameras for surveillance anywhere so why can’t a big company like UHaul have cameras everywhere. Your company depends on it to allow your company to operate properly and do what you advise which is to securely secure people’s belongings. I trusted UHaul and I just knew UHaul would keep my belongings secure, clean, and safe!

    I haven’t even recovered from becoming homeless, and having to put everything I own into storage. I haven’t even found a place. Now whenever I eventually find a place to call home I will have to start from scratch. I don’t know how I will replace those big ticket items that took me years of hard work and savings. I lost so many things that are irreplaceable. Even my identity has been compromised. They were shopping online, taking Uber, and attempting to get gas with my banks cards.
    I feel vulnerable and violated. I cant sleep. I can’t eat. I am literally sick to the stomach every day where I am going to the bathroom and throwing up daily. My anxiety is through the roof. My doctor had to prescribe medication to help me. I am literally making myself sick over this robbery. How could UHaul have allowed this to happen especially to a customer who paid on time every month for almost 2 years. I rented UBoxes and a truck from them within this time frame as well. I invested my money in several services provided by UHaul and trusted UHaul with my most prized possessions. They did not keep up their end of the bargain. This is a breach of contract. I will be without a lot of my treasured possessions and my memories will be forever tainted by this robbery. Just because UHaul couldn’t honor their responsibility and do as they advertise, which is to securely secure my belongings in a safe, clean, and secure environment. I am now emotionally distraught and tormented with this horrific memory forever.

    Deborah D Staine

  2. Hello,

    I called multiple times; spoke with many representatives and they all said the case manager will give me a call back for my refund update. I have been calling since July 2023 trying to get an update and no one at UHAUL able to help me. I don’t know what to do. Please give me a call back regarding of my refund update.



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