Motel 6 Corporate Office, CEO Email Address & All Contact Information

The privately owned hospitality company Motel 6 is a budget motel chain in the USA and Canada. It also operates an extended-stay hotel chain, Studio 6. The real estate business of Blackstone Group owns this hotel brand.

In 2012 Blackstone purchased this business and established the management company G6 Hospitality for Motel 6 & Studio 6. The Motel 6 corporate office address is 4001 International Pkwy, Carrollton, Texas, 75007, USA. Rob Palleschi is this company’s visionary leader and CEO.

While taking service from Motel 6, if you ever face any issue or want to complain about anything, call its customer care team at 1 – 800 – 899 – 9841. The team will also help you to answer your general inquiries as well.

Information about Motel 6 does not end here; there is more to explore. So, read this comprehensive guide and start exploring all unknowns.

Overall Information Of Motel 6 Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 4001 International Pkwy, Carrollton, Texas, 75007, USA
Founding Year1962
Founding Place California 
Founders Name William Becker & Paul Greene
Contact Number 1 – 800 – 899 – 9841 
Facebook Motel 6 Facebook
Twitter Motel 6 Twitter
YouTubeMotel 6 YouTube
Instagram Motel 6 Instagram

Motel 6 CEO Email Address

Rob Palleschi is Motel 6’s Chief Executive Officer and President. He is leading this company successfully. Under his tenure, the company is experiencing enormous growth. Mr. Palleschi is an experienced leader in this industry.

Before being the CEO, Rob Palleschi was the G6 Hospitality CEO. He served in this role in the Texas-based hotel company for five years. And in total, he was in G6 for six years. However, Palleschi also served as the CEO of American Campus Communities. & are Motel 6’s visionary CEO Rob Palleschi’s professional email addresses. This communication channel lets you share your major unsolved issues, questions, or thoughts with the CEO.

But whether you will get a reply from the CEO or not depends. Still, you can try to communicate with him. Also, follow him on the professional platform LinkedIn to learn his insights.

Motel 6 Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

Motel 6 Corporate Office HR, Media, Reservation & Guest Relations Contact Details

Motel 6’s HR, Media, Guest Relations, and other support teams are always available to help you with your emergency needs. Check out their contact information below:

HR Contact

To avail of Motel 6’s current career opportunity, visit this Page. Also, if you have employment benefits-related questions or issues, contact the Motel 6 corporate team via phone or email. Call at 972 – 360 – 9000 or email

Media Contact

The accredited media members or journalists who want to cover new news on Motel 6 or have an interview request call 1 – 800 – 392 – 6677. Through this number, reach out to Motel 6’s media relations team, and soon they will help you.

Rates & Reservation Support

Whether you have questions about the reservation or having difficulty with your reservation, knock us through email at Contact Us if you need to learn how to make an online reservation soon, and our support team will help you.

In addition, call 1 – 800 – 899 – 9841 to contact Motel 6’s Reservation Center. Also, by visiting this Page, you can make reservations online and check the Motel 6 rates.

Guest Relations Contact

Motel 6’s guest relations contact number is 1 – 800 – 557 – 3435. You can share your questions or concerns with the guest relations team at this number or email at

Motel 6 Corporate Office Complaint Department Contact Number

If you have a complaint about Motel 6 customer service or face any issues with your stay, you can quickly reach out to us. Fill up this Contact Us form  and reach out to the company’s complaint department.

If you don’t get a reply from Motel 6 by filling out the Contact Us form, try to reach them using email or phone. Call Motel 6’s customer support team at 1 – 800 – 899 – 9841. Or email to inform them about your complaint.


Who is the CEO of Motel 6?

Motel 6’s Chief Executive Officer is Rob Palleschi. He is an experienced leader in the hospitality industry. Before being Motel 6’s CEO, he also worked as G6 Hospitality’s CEO.

Who owns the Motel 6 franchise?

The Blackstone Group owns the Motel 6 franchise. In 2012 Accor Hotels Blackstone purchased this business.

How do I contact the Motel 6 corporate office?

Call the Motel 6 corporate office customer care team at 1 – 800 – 899 – 9841 for general inquiries or concerns. The company’s representative will soon respond to your query.

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