Buddy’s Home Furnishings Corporate Office, Headquarters, Phone, Email & More

Buddy’s Home Furnishing is owned by Franchise Group and Provides rent-to-own products based in Orlando, Florida. It currently owns around 300 stores spread across the US in various locations such as Prior, Joplin, Tulsa, etc.

Its headquarters is located at 2121 Americana Blvd, Orlando, FL 32839, United States. You can contact their headquarters at 1-866-779-5058. Or you can check out their official website at Buddy’s Home Furnishings.

Figure 1 – Buddy’s Home Furnishing Corporate Office

Buddy’s Home Furnishing Headquarters Contact Information

Buddy’s Home Furnishing was founded in 2012, and currently, its parent company is a Franchise Group. Information regarding Buddy’s Home Furnishing contact is given below- 

Physical Location2121 Americana Blvd, Orlando, FL 32839, United States
ZIP Code32506-8241
FounderMichael Bennett
Phone Number1-866-779-5058
Fax(813) 354-4581
WebsiteBuddy’s Home Furnishings
FacebookBuddy’s Home Furnishings
LinkedInBuddy’s Home Furnishings | LinkedIn
Parent CompanyFranchise Group

Executive Team Information

Buddy’s Home Furnishings’ current CEO is Jamie Slatton who leads the Buddy’s Home Furnishing Executive Team. Apart from him, information regarding the key members of Buddy’s Home Furnishing Executive Team is given below –

Personnel PostContact
Jamie Slatton CEOLinkedIn
Ronald TaylorChief Operating OfficerLinkedIn
Terry BevilleChief Financial OfficerLinkedIn
Teresa HillVice President, Operations & AdministrationLinkedIn
Figure 2 – Buddy’s Home Furnishing Information

Board of Directors

Buddy’s Home Furnishing is driven by an exceptional Board of Directors.

Information concerning Buddy’s Home Furnishing Board of Directors is given as follows- 

  • Thomas Phaneuf – Director of Development
  • Nina Shively – Director of Purchasing
  • Jammy Williams – Director of IT Services
  • Julie McGowan – Human Resources Director

Buddy’s Home Furnishing’s Various Departments Contact Information

Here are the details of important departments for your convenience. 

Buddy’s Home Furnishing HR Department and Career Opportunity Details 

Buddy’s Home Furnishing HR Department is led by its Human Resource Director, Julie Mcgowan. You can contact her directly through LinkedIn at Julie Mcgowan | Buddy’s Home Furnishing. 

Buddy’s Home Furnishing regularly accepts new recruits and employees as they currently run around 300 stores in various locations. You can directly apply for a job at Buddy’s Careers

You can also email for inquiries at careers@buddyrents.com.

More information about Buddy’s Home Furnishing HR Department is given below –

WebsiteBuddy’s Careers


Buddy’s Home Furnishing Sales Department Details

The Sales Department at Buddy’s Home Furnishing is led by their Account Manager Aurthur Yurdin. You can contact him directly through LinkedIn at  Arthur Yurdin – Account Manager Credit and Collections. | LinkedIn. More information about Buddy’s Home Furnishing Sales Department is given below-

WebsiteBuddy’s Home Furnishing

Buddy’s Home Furnishing Customer Service

You can contact Buddy’s Home Furnishing customer service via phone, E-mail or through their official website. To leave feedback or a complaint, visit Buddy’s Home Furnishing. Feedback.

More information regarding Buddy’s Home Furnishing customer service contacts is given below –

Customer Service Phone Number1-855-298-9325
EmailCustomer Service
Figure 3 – Buddy’s Home Furnishing Store Locations

Buddy’s Home Furnishing Store Location and Contact Information

Buddy’s Home Furnishing currently runs around 300 stores all over the US including places like Pittsburg, Pryor, Coweta, Sallisaw, and many more. Find the closest Buddy’s Home Furnishing store to your location. 

Visit Store Locator for more information on the stores.

Information regarding some important Buddy’s Home Furnishing stores is given below – 

PryorAddress– 104 E Graham AvePryor, OK 74361
Contact-(918) 824-1222
PittsburgAddress– 710 N Broadway, Pittsburg, KS 66762
Contact- (620) 308-6271
JoplinAddress– 1710 W 7Th StreetJoplin, MO 64801
Contact-(417) 206-7368
TulsaAddress– 1138 South Garnett RoadTulsa, OK 74128
Contact- (918) 439-9700
CowetaAddress– 14041 Hwy 51 SCoweta, OK 74429
Contact- (918) 486-7025
WagonerAddress-500 W Cherokee StWagoner, OK 74467
Contact- (918) 485-0230
TahlequahAddress-1366 S Muskogee #7ATahlequah, OK 74464
Contact- (918) 453-1058
SpringdaleAddress– 1810 W Sunset Ste A
Springdale, AR 72762
Contact- (479) 751-8808
SallisawAddress– 412 W Cherokee Sallisaw, OK 74955
Contact- (918) 775-4571
ShawneeAddress– 1803 N Harrison Shawnee, OK 74804
Contact-(405) 273-1030

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do employees usually get a raise working at Buddy’s Home Furnishing? 

Getting a raise depends on various aspects. Though in most cases employees have stated that getting a raise is not a common practice at Buddy’s Home Furnishing.

How many hours do you usually have to work per day at Buddy’s Home Furnishing? 

Usually, you have to work 12 hours a day, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Though it still varies depending on the circumstances and job designation.

How do you have to wait to get an interview after you’ve applied for one?

You’d usually have to wait about a week to get the interview date after applying. Though busier seasons make the wait longer.

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  1. I was renting from buddy’s but not anymore. The lady at the gadsden alabama location told me that I had till Tuesday to make arrangements for my food because they was coming to get the fridge. I was told that I was 1 month behind. But they came on Monday and got everything. The guys called and talked to Tabby and asked if they could come back and get the fridge. She yelled in to the phone if you don’t get it I’m calling the police and I’ll come get it myself. I’ve lost my despoit on the house in renting and now I’m out of $400 dollars of food just because she wanted their stuff back. Tabby needs to go. I’m not the only one she has done this too. They have to remember that we are the customers. She is rude. I will doing my business with aarons now. They have professional people that will go out of their way. Thanks to Tabby I will tell everyone to go else where to do their business. She needs to go or buddy’s needs to leave gadsden.

    • I was renting from buddy in my town and I got accused for calling multiple times during the week by a guy named Ryan and said he was the general manager there and then yelled at me fro returning tv and stand because I went a different way I called last Friday to make my payment and he started yelling at me for no reason too and I was forced to make it or got the cops called on me

  2. I live Houston Texas I’m having a lot of issues and difficult what the manager Ms.T she’s being very disrespectful and rude and I do not tolerate that the store on 116 W southmore Ave Pasadena Tx 77502 I am trying resolving the issue try call district manager of store but no answer call him n text him a lot time no answer. Can u please call me asap I am Elvis Guevara 602)473-9443 I need Walker Asbury ASAP or somebody higher than Walker Asbury can call me Today call me asap

  3. I live Houston Texas I’m having a lot of issues and difficult what the manager Ms.T she’s being very disrespectful and rude and I do not tolerate that the store on 116 W southmore Ave Pasadena Tx 77502 I am trying resolving the issue try call district manager of store but no answer call him n text him a lot time no answer. Can u please call me asap I am Elvis Guevara 602)473-9443 I need Walker Asbury ASAP or somebody higher than Walker Asbury can call me Today call me asap

  4. I need supervisor other then eddie to contact me i need someone over him , eddie is rude he constantly hangs up on me and im the customer ,the supervisor above him made a agreement to rewrite my contract that was messed up eddie stated he supervisor wasn’t there 10/1/2022 weekend that any day he can rewrite my contract i also made a partial payment and left a remaining balance of 120 which today 10/21/2022 he stated he wanted to collect which we both agreed 11/1/2022 i will make that payment with my normal payment . i also ask the supervisor eddie to delete a old card on file ive repeatedly ask becuase its a old card i no longer have i just still have notifications being sent that a payment is trying to be made he stated he has to keep a card on file but he also stated he has multiple cards on file so I dont understand why he couldn’t delete the card again he was rude and stated he isn’t going to do that , then as I was talking with my husband Eddie was rude and hang up the phone again I called back and ask why did you hang up he stated because he just did then he stated he just going to reverse the contract and I stated you cannot do that he stated yes he can I stated he doesn’t have authority because I was working with the supervisor above him to rewrite the contract Eddie hung up the phone again and didnt pick up for me , Eddie since day one has been rude to me and I do not like the way I the customer have been treated , I did in fact get in contact with a different supervisor and he stated he will contact the store to see what all I’ve paid and he can give me better stuff for my home and return bradenton Florida buddies items and no longer have to deal with them , Eddie is really rude and shouldn’t be a supervisor he doesn’t know how to treat customers respectfully . I was very upset as a customer . the store in bradenton florida

  5. need either corparate number or whoever handles worker comp for this company. ever since i filed worker comp store manager and district manager have been trying to fire me. had doctor appointment in September was decided surgery was best option and been waiting ever since for appointment. was told that district manager considers case closed. left doctor paperwork on manager desk saying light duty, no stairs etc and guess what ive been doing.

  6. I’m having problems with the San marco’s location. Will discuss via phone. For over charging my debit card without authorization.

  7. I have had the washer and dryer set that I have since 2/2022. I was paying 158.00 a month until Sept 2022. They FINALLY price matches me with another company so now my payment is about 95.00. That part is good except they have not issued the credit to me for what I paid from Feb-Sept. I have had discussions with the regional manager and this should have been fixed. I have had several talks with the manager/ employees and was told the contract has to be rewritten so I will know the amount I owe to pay this merch off. I am.not sure what the disconnect is but it is frustrating. Now I need service on the washer and they will not schedule it because I haven’t paid a payment. Well I can’t get an answer on what I owe. I want to pay this off. My calculations are that only owe about 300.00. I am told my insurance isn’t up to date. On to my next issue. Jan I signed another agreement for a living room set. Love seat come and recliners do not shut. I again have been told Fast Furniture will contact me to fix it. I paid half of this off and want to pay it off. However I don’t want to pay it off if it’s broken. Here we are 5months into my 6months same as cash and nothing. I call to make.paymwnt and am told.to wait until I hear from.the Manager so I know what is owed. Now of coarse I am “behind” I love the employees there I am just.not sure what the disconnect is. It is frustrating to say the least. I have texted the regional manager and no reply for several months. Any assistance would be great.


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