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The American DriveTime Automotive Group Inc. is a USA-based finance and care retailer company. Across the USA’s different locations, it sells and finances the cars. Ugly Duckling was its former name, and in 2002, it was renamed as DriveTime. At approximately 145 locations in the USA, DriveTime is operating.

DriveTime’s corporate office address is 1720 West Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA. Scott Worthington is its Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is successfully leading this company towards success.

However, chat, submit a request, or call the DriveTime customer care team to get answers about payments, vehicles, and warranties. The company’s customer support team number is 888 – 418 – 1212. They are always available at your service.

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Overall Information Of DriveTime Headquarters

Category Information 
Headquarters 1720 West Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA
Founding Year2002
Founding Place Tucson, Arizona
Founders Name Thomas S. Duck, Sr.
Contact Number 888 – 418 – 1212
Facebook DriveTime Facebook
Twitter DriveTime Twitter
YouTubeDriveTime YouTube
Instagram DriveTime Instagram

DriveTime CEO Email Address

Scott Worthington is DriveTime’s Chief Executive Officer. In January 2021, he was named as the company’s CEO. Most recently, before being the CEO, Scott served as the Executive Vice President, Operations. He has been working with DriveTime for a really long time, 14 years.

However, Scott executes all operations at DriveTime and oversees its strategic plan. He focuses on the company’s marketing, retail sales, reconditioning, vehicle acquisition, customer experience and market expansion. In DriveTime, Scott began his career in real estate.

Reach out to this visionary leader Scott Worthington through his professional email address

Don’t hesitate to knock the CEO with your important unsolved issues. Depending on your matter’s urgency, Scott may respond to your email. Also, follow his LinkedIn profile to remain connected and engaged with him.

DriveTime Corporate Office Executive Team Member Contact Details

DriveTime Company artfully combines industries with all the finest people to drive its business forward. The industry’s best and brightest team leaders are leading DriveTime. Learn their names from the list below:

  1. Scott Worthington – Chief Executive Officer
  2. Dan Gaudreau – Chief Financial Office
  3. Mary Leigh Phillips – CEO, SilverRock & Bridgecrest
  4. Greg Sax – Executive Vice President, IT & Strategy
  5. Clay Scheitzach – Executive Vice President, General Counsel
  6. Paul Kaplan – Executive Vice President, Loan Servicing
  7. Matt Peel – Chief Accounting Officer
  8. Ernie Garcia – Board Member

DriveTime Corporate Office Vehicle Coverage & Gap Coverage Contact Details

Check out the contact details below for the necessary information about the vehicle and gap coverage.

Vehicle Coverage & Gap Coverage Contact

If you want to ask questions about your vehicle coverage, gap coverage or total loss at DriveTime or need to find a repair shop, call 877 – 584 – 3848. Visit this page for self-instant help to locate a repair facility.

Contact Number To Report A Theft

To ask questions about DriveTime’s GPS product or to report a theft, call the SilverRock customer support team at 877 – 298 – 0673.

Media Contact

The press or media members are requested to email their media inquiries to Within one business day, the media relation team of DriveTime will attempt to respond to all your media inquiries.

DriveTime Complaint Department Contact Number

For making a complaint about the vehicle, its warranty or payment issue, you can reach the DriveTime customer service team by phone at 888 – 418 – 1212. You have two other options also to complain to this company.

You can either visit the DriveTime support page to get support or email your problem to


How many locations does DriveTime have?

DriveTime is headquartered at 1720 West Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA. But it operates its business activities across USA’s more than 145 locations.

How to contact the DriveTime corporate office?

DriveTime customer care team’s hotline number is 888 – 418 – 1212. For any need or inquiry, directly call this number.

Who is the current CEO of DriveTime?

DriveTime’s current Chief Executive Officer is Scott Worthington. Since 2021 he has been playing this CEO’s role. Under his leadership, the company is successfully growing towards its purpose. 

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